This week, our Director and Co-Founder, David Baldwin, was invited by a reputable business publication, Business News Wales, to pass comment on the General Election. As a political change that will have a huge impact on the Welsh business community, David was eager to share his thoughts on the impact of the vote. 

With each of the parties boasting different priorities when it came to fire safety policies, the outcome of the vote was particularly important to the fire safety industry. 

“For us, we were keen to get some clarity on Brexit and prepare for any changes to business laws and taxes we could expect. As a fire safety company, we have been understandably intrigued by Parties’ different approaches to fire safety policy, learning what their new policies would mean for the industry and the public. 

Boris Johnson has now publicly committed to supporting high rise residential residents with the removal of unsafe cladding and says he will continue with the process of materials testing. It will be interesting to see how this and other fire safety-related promises pan out” David comments. 

To read the full article and to learn the opinion of various other Welsh business leaders, make your way over to the Business News Wales feature now.