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Access control systems

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    5 Star access control company

    “Absolutely superb!” – Esther James

    5 Star access control company

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    5 Star access control company

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    Access control systems

    Having control of your business premises is essential, no matter what industry you operate in. From securing your equipment and limiting the risk of theft to protecting staff members, there are many reasons businesses recruit the help of professional firms when taking security measures. This is especially the case when it comes to Access Control Systems; systems that over 40% of UK businesses now boast.

    Access Control Systems are designed to manage who has access to certain parts of a building and when. Managed through fobs and/or fingerprint technology, these systems are suited to any building with a large footfall. Allowing staff members to gain access to permitted areas without leaving doors open all day, these systems create a sense of safety in any building in which they are present.

    What’s more, Access Control Systems are completely customisable. This means if you want one staff member to be given access to all rooms but others just single floors or departments, you can do so with ease.

    Access control with smart watch
    Access control with video door entry integration

    Advantages of installing Access Control.

    Having a record of entry – Access Control Systems are intelligent devices, able to keep a digital record of who has and has not been in certain areas of your facility. This can prove hugely beneficial, allowing bosses to ensure staff members are arriving and leaving on time. Having an entry record can also be helpful in the event of a dispute. For instance, if something were to go missing or become damaged, the record would show who was in that room and when.

    Keyless – Many Access Control Systems are keyless. This is an attractive prospect for many businesses, able to implement an easy-to-manage system that requires no key-cutting or replacing.

    Reducing insurance premiums

    – Business insurance premiums are known to be costly. But, by installing Access Control Systems and other security devices, companies can enjoy savings of up to 40%!


    Brands we use

    We install a variety of systems for thousands of customers and businesses. With every business being unique in its security needs, we provide a tailored access control system. Below are some of the most-utilised brands within our stock inventory.

    More than just access control

    Access control systems are not only a vital security system for your premises, controlling who comes in and who goes out. There are many other advantages to having security systems installed.

    Access control

    Secure your premises

    Secure your access points with the highest grade electronically powered locks.

    Access control

    Staff time tracking

    Monitor staff arrival with clock-in and clock-out facilities.

    Access control

    Fire alarm integration

    Ensure your fire escapes remain accessible in an emergency with integration.

    Access control

    Security notifications

    Your system monitors every access and unauthorised access attempt.

    Access control

    Barrier integration

    Integration with many 3rd party systems such as automatic door, lifts and turnstiles.

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    Why Twenty4?



    Twenty4 comes highly recommended for access control systems. We have helped thousands of businesses in south wales and the west with access control Installation and repair. Our clients are so happy with the services we provide we boast over 250 five star reviews on google.

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    Our team is made up of fully qualified, highly-experienced access control engineers. Twenty4 fire and security is an SSAIB approved access control company. We are approved to carry out access control design, installation, service and maintenance.

    Access control company accreditations


    Access control system Design specialists

    Ensuring you choose the right access control system to suit both your budget and your security needs are essential. Our specialist access control designers are highly experienced in all brands and types of access control systems and really do know how to get the best our of your new or existing access control system. Our designers are just a phone call away and can talk you through every step of the process.


    Access control Installation

    Our engineers are highly experienced in the installation of all types and brands of access control systems. We are experienced in new build site installation as well as existing operational businesses. We can provide out of hours installation to limit disruption to your business too. We’re proud to be a member of the SSAIB and we are regularly audited for our access control installations. This ensures we provide nothing but the highest of standards.



    Access control Service and maintenance

    From software and firmware updates, testing of locking mechanisms, repairing or replacing damaged components, our access control service and maintenance engineers are highly experience, efficient and know the ins and outs of many types of access control systems. Having an experience engineer on hand to react to emergency calls within 4 hours gives you peace of mind and regular maintenance ensures you get the most out of your system.


    Leasing your access control system

    Worried about forking out for an access control system? If so, you will be glad to learn of our equipment leasing devices, giving customers the option to lease security devices and pay a fraction of the price charged for purchasing outright.


    Specialists in all electronic security systems

    Although access control systems are a popular service provided by our firm, it is just one of the many security products we offer our customers. When connecting with our team, we can also discuss our CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, intercom systems, electric gates, electric barriers and the many other services.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Do I have to have an access control system by law?2022-09-05T21:19:08+01:00

    Currently, there is no law in place requiring businesses to install access control systems. However, it has been reported that 80% of businesses that do install such systems see a significant reduction in security issues.

    Why choose Twenty4 Fire and Security to install your access control system?2022-09-05T21:20:26+01:00

    We are an accredited security provider, having gained an accreditation from the SSAIB. The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and security services in Britain. Through regular audits, they ensure high standards are being upheld and customers are receiving the best possible service.

    Who will install and maintain my access control systems?2022-09-05T21:21:08+01:00

    At Twenty4 Fire and Security, our team comprises several engineers, all of which specialise in different areas of the security industry. This means whatever your request or query, we will have the perfect engineer to serve you and your business. What’s more, we offer an emergency call out service. This means if ever there were an emergency and you needed a fault fixed immediately, or if your system had been damaged, our team will be on-site to solve it.

    Do access control systems keep record of entry?2022-09-05T21:21:56+01:00

    Access control systems are intelligent devices, able to keep a digital record of who has and has not been in certain areas of your facility. This can prove hugely beneficial, allowing bosses to ensure staff members are arriving and leaving on time. Having an entry record can also be helpful in the event of a dispute. For instance, if something were to go missing or become damaged, the record would show who was in that room and when.

    How do I request a quote for building access control?2022-09-05T21:46:07+01:00

    If you are considering having an electronic access control system installed at your business premises, the team would be more than happy to talk you through your options. From answering any questions you may have to providing a free, no-obligation quote, our sales advisors are ready and waiting to assist.

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