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Like any type of fire safety system, your fire doors need to be checked regularly to ensure they have not become damaged or faulty in any way. Periodic inspections are therefore required at least every 6 months, safeguarding the equipment, occupants of the building as well as your business in general.

This is especially important for new buildings and buildings that experience a lot of traffic.

While this may not seem like a huge priority, making sure your fire doors are regularly inspected and adequate for use is a legal obligation. Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order makes it a legal requirement, meaning businesses with fire resisting doors and escape doors will need to conduct regular checks and record findings.

Those that fail to adhere to these laws can be prosecuted by authorities and in extreme cases, have their buildings closed down.

This is why making regular Fire Door Inspections part of your fire safety plan is essential, ensuring you are operating within the perimeters of the law and keeping your premises as safe as possible.

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Poorly fitted fire doors KILL!

We see it day in day out. Fire doors that have been either poorly installed or have not been maintained. A fire resisting door’s main purpose is to contain a fire and stop the spread of fire, protecting occupants from deadly smoke and fire. A fire resisting door is made up of a number of products including:

  • Fire resisting door
  • 3x fire rated hinges
  • Intumescent cold smoke and fire seals,
  • Fire rated handles and furnishings
  • Overhead positive self closing device
  • Fire rated door surround.

All of these items, if fitted properly, work together to make up a Fire resisting doors set.

Fire door inspection check list 

Here is a basic 5 step fire door check you can do yourself. This will help you identify any basic failures with your fire doors.

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The door should be marked with a label or plug that identifies the fire rating of the door.

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The gaps around the sides and top of the door should not exceed 3mm.

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Intumescent/cold smoke seals should be fitted around the top and sides of the doors

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3x fire rated hinges should be fitted with no missing or broken screws

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The door should close fully into its frame independently without dragging on the floor or catching on the frame.

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Why Twenty4?



Twenty4 comes highly recommended for fire door inspection and certification. We have helped thousands of businesses in south wales and the west with Fire door Inspection, Certification, Installation and Repair. Our clients are so happy with the services we provide, we boast over 250 five star reviews on Google!

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Our team is made up of highly qualified experts in fire safety system and compliance. Our fire door inspectors are fully qualified, experienced specialists. We help numerous businesses and property owners with a simple and efficient service, thus taking the hassle away from your fire safety responsibilities.

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Using our own fire door inspection APP enables us to gather information and evidence whilst on site. This allows us to provide detailed reports and certification the same day.

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We have Fire door specialist engineers in-house, allowing us to provide you with a highly efficient and competitive service. If during your inspection we find some issues, you will be given a full report as well as a competitive quote for repair or installation. This keeps the whole process of staying compliant easy.




Passive fire protection is an extremely important life safety system. Our specialist passive fire protection team cover all aspects of physical fire protection. From fire resisting doors, fire stopping, fire rated suspended ceilings, fire breaks, and fire curtains. Using an experienced team will ensure you get the right advice.



Spread the cost with SMARTPLAN 

Worried about the cost of your fire safety obligations? We have developed the SmarPlan. This is a simple service package that allows you to bundle all your services together and pay one small monthly fee. You can include your fire door inspections, fire alarm servicing, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and many, many more into this plan.

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Specialists in all Fire safety  systems

Although fire door inspections are a popular service provided by our firm, it is just one of the many fire safety, security and compliance services we offer to our customers. When connecting with our team, we can also discuss our fire alarm systems, extinguishers, CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, intercom systems, electric gates, electric barriers and the many other services.

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Frequently asked questions

How often are fire door inspections required?2023-12-05T09:15:54+00:00

Fire door inspections are an important part of your building’s passive fire protection. A good well-maintained fire door will act as a vital fire barrier between a fire and the building occupants, as well as ensuring your escape routes remain clear of fire and smoke. You should appoint a trained specialist to carry out fire door inspections every 6 months and you should appoint a responsible person to carry out regular checks on your fire resisting doors.

Why do i need fire door inspections?2022-09-21T10:41:33+01:00

The main point is fire doors are there to keep you safe from fire. On installation fire doors will be certified by the installer as when installed correctly the doors are able to contain a fire for 30, 60, or 90 minutes depending on the need 0f the door set.  As time goes on when a building is in use, fire doors can become worn, damaged or misused. A faulty fire door is not always obvious, so regular inspections by a trained specialist will ensure that your fire doors are always able to do their job. Keep you safe!

Will i receive a fire door certificate?2022-09-21T10:53:41+01:00

Yes, our trained inspectors carry out a vigorous visual inspection of your fire door or doors. Each door or door set is carried out as an individual inspection, our assessors will take photographs as well as carry out operational checks recording these findings on our bespoke Fire door inspection App. Once completed we will provide you with a PDF copy of the report/certificate. The reports will outline all items that were checked as well as identify what has failed on the door set. You will receive a copy of your fire door inspection report/certificate for each independent door set.

What if the door fails?2022-09-21T11:10:19+01:00

Its very common for fire doors to fail the inspection, a recent survey identified that 90% of fire resisting doors in the UK would fail an inspection. This is very alarming. Fire doors can fail from something very minor and easy to fix your self, like missing screws in hinges or the need to replace the intumescent seals. We have also ad to condemn fire doors and this is most often down to poor installation. The good news is that here at Twenty4 we have a team of specialists in all aspects of fire safety, from Fire door inspectors to fire door installers, meaning once we have identified the issues with the doors we will also provide you with a competitive price to repair or replace the door set.

How much does a fire door inspection cost?2022-09-21T11:09:59+01:00

Fire door inspection costs vary from company to company and in different areas in the UK. At Twenty4 we are able to provide a high end service at a very competitive cost. This is because we have a developed our own unique fire door inspection app that allows us to provide very detailed reports in a fraction of the time. Our fire door inspections are charged at £10 per Fire door and £15 per double door. There are also big savings for you if you take out fire door inspections as part of our Smartplan.

What is on a fire door inspection checklist?2022-09-21T15:23:29+01:00

While you may think that a fire door inspection takes just a few minutes, the inspection is actually very thorough and needs to be conducted by a fire safety professional. In order to ascertain whether or not a fire door is compliant, the following aspects are tested:

  • Whether the door can be opened and closed fully.
  • If the door has a self-closing system, this will need to be tested too.
  • All gaps will need to be checked to ensure they are in line with UK fire safety standards, specifically the gap between the door leaf and the door frame.
  • All seals and hinges will need to be audited to ensure they are adequate.
  • Our Engineers will also give the fire door a full audit to ensure there is no damage that will compromise its effectiveness as a fire safety device.
Will the Twenty4 Engineer working on my fire doors have been on a fire door inspection course?2022-09-21T15:25:04+01:00

Please note that all of the team members that conduct fire door inspections have been fully trained. This means you can have peace of mind, knowing that your property and your fire doors are in safe hands.


What are my options for fire door inspections near me?2022-09-21T15:26:01+01:00

There are many options with regard to when we can conduct your fire door inspections. We will also provide you with various payment options to explore.


Can anyone inspect fire doors?2022-09-21T15:26:49+01:00

No, your fire doors need to be inspected and maintained by a professional inspector with the relevant qualifications and experience. Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we hold the relevant accreditations to conduct fire door inspections for all types of businesses in all types of industries.

Can I pay for fire door inspections as part of my monthly Twenty4 SmartPlan? 2022-09-21T15:28:45+01:00

Yes. When choosing Twenty4 Fire and Security for your fire door inspections, you can bundle the fee into your monthly SmartPlan, paying one monthly fee for all of your fire safety and security services. This will help you both save money and stay on top of your fire safety requirements.

How long do fire door inspections take?2022-09-21T15:34:28+01:00

The length of time our team will be at the property conducting inspections will depend on many different factors. These include the size of the property, the number of doors that need to be inspected and so on. We can give you a more accurate idea of when and how long the inspections will take place over the phone.

How can I book in my fire door inspections today?2022-09-21T15:33:14+01:00

Yes. Simply call us at the office to discuss booking in your fire safety services. Alternatively, send us an email and a member of the team will get back to you.


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“Absolutely superb!” – Esther James

5 star fire risk assessment

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5 Star Fire risk assessment

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