Although cutting out carbs and jumping on the #Veganuary bandwagon may seem like important focuses for January, as a business owner, your New Year’s Resolution should be centred on fire safety.  

This is because over 40% of UK businesses are failing to protect their businesses, staff, customers and visitors properly, with most companies having gaps in their fire safety policies, equipment and practices.  

Where some business owners will think that a fire is highly unlikely, the risk of not investing in fire safety and a fire occurring should always override. From putting people’s lives in danger to seeing you as a business receive thousands of pounds in fines, taking your responsibilities seriously is simply a must.  

Below, we take a look at the top benefits to investing in fire safety. 

Protect yourself financially  

The truth is fire alarms, smoke alarms, extinguishers and the likes are all items that cost money. And, with company budgets often tight, business owners may be inclined to ignore the whole subject of fire safety and save their pennies. However, if a fire were to occur, the cost of the damage could be crippling. From fire damage to the property and loss of equipment to the interruption to the business, considering everything, investing in fire safety is a way to protect yourself financially.  

Reduce insurance premiums  

Business insurance rates are infamously high. This is why people will be doing all they can to reduce premiums and keep cashflow as healthy as possible. But, did you know that investing in fire safety at work can actually reduce your insurance premiums substantially? Illustrating that you are a responsible business that actively reduces the risks of fire, insurers are happier to cover businesses for less if they have alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems and so on.

Swerve high fines and imprisonment  

There is nothing more regretful than receiving a fine for something silly, costing us unnecessary stress and financial worry that could have been avoided easily.  

When it comes to fire safety, there are many obligations that businesses have to adhere to. And, if you don’t, you can be issued with unlimited fines and in some cases, imprisonment. This is why ensuring you are conducting your annual fire risk assessment and maintaining alarm and sprinkler systems is so important.  

Illustrate that you are a responsible employer 

As well as looking after you and your business financially, perfecting your fire safety setup can also have a huge bearing on the type of staff your business attracts. Having fire safety signage, extinguishers and alarms on show will illustrate that you are a responsible employer that cares about the wellbeing of its staff. This will go a long way in making staff feel comfortable and happy at work.  

Have peace of mind   

Being self-employed is stressful business, with bosses having a great deal of responsibilities and tasks to complete. This is why having your fire safety setup locked down is advantageous, giving bosses peace of mind that their business premises is protected and is safe as it can possibly be.  

Fire safety with Twenty4 Fire and Security  

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