Welsh fire and security company, Twenty4 Fire and Security, has uncovered that a huge proportion of Welsh businesses are without adequate fire safety protection.

According to the Cardiff-based businesses, close to 60% of Welsh companies are at risk of receiving fines and could be putting their staff members, customers and visitors at risk.

These shocking figures have been revealed through the brand’s unique free fire safety audit tool. The free tool quizzes business owners on their fire safety set up, asking questions about the fire alarms installed, number of fire extinguishers present, use of emergency lighting and much more. After collating the answers, the system gives the business a fire safety score, highlighting areas of concern and the people/locations at risk.

David Baldwin, a Director at the firm, said:

“We have been using this tool for many years when conducting audits on our customers’ properties. Last year, we launched the tool online to the public, giving business owners the chance to audit their businesses free of charge and in an easy fashion. What we have found has been pretty alarming, with close to 60% of Welsh businesses not being compliant in one way or another”.

While many elements contribute to a robust fire safety plan, there were a few stand-out issues across the board that Welsh businesses were failing at.

“When looking at the results of these audits, we noticed that a huge proportion of businesses were not keeping up with their annual fire risk assessments; something required of all businesses by law” continued Baldwin.

Another prominent issue surrounded equipment maintenance. It is advised that fire alarms, smoke alarms, emergency lighting, fire doors and any other vital fire safety equipment or apparatus be regularly audited and maintained by a fire safety professional.

This can range from 6 months to 12 months depending on the equipment.

“We have noticed all types of fire safety equipment being left idle, especially during lockdown. This boasts a significant threat to not only fires being identified but prevented.

Twenty4 Fire and Security are urging Welsh businesses to prioritise fire safety reviews, especially for businesses that have been closed for long periods of time or have changed their working conditions due to the pandemic.

To book a fire risk assessment for your business, contact Twenty4 Fire and Security on 02921 252424.