Fire Extinguishers

Fire Safety Facts Welsh Employers Can’t Ignore

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Fire safety is a subject that many business owners either ignore or approach as a box-ticking exercise. This is why here at Twenty4, we are doing all we can to educate the businesses of South Wales, ensuring they are aware of the risks they face as well as the services and products out there for

Fire Extinguishers for Your Business

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When setting up your office, you will understandably be focused on creating a fun, creative and productive workplace in which employees can excel. While the odd Bonsai tree and a posh coffee machine will feel like a necessity, the safety of your workforce should be at the forefront of your mind. This is why as

Fire Safety: Your Responsibilities as a Private Landlord

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Fire Safety: Your Responsibilities as a Private Landlord Once, being a Private Landlord was a career path that was lucrative and relatively minimal when it came to its demands. Aside from ensuring your property was aesthetically pleasing and collecting rental payments at the end of the month, being a Landlord was a pretty straightforward investment.

Who’s responsible for fire risk assessments?

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  You may find yourself in a new role or a new company, you may have recently become a landlord of a property. You find yourself asking just who is responsible for a fire risk assessment the answer quite simply is You..... responsibility lays with you for any business or other non-domestic premises if you fall

A short cut to losing your business thousands!

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Don't be duped into wasting thousands get a fire risk assessment This year we decided to carry out our own fire safety survey of businesses around Cardiff. We did this by offering all kinds of local business a free fire safety audit of their premises. We contacted all kinds of businesses including, Shops, Bars,

Old reliable, when was the last time you checked yours?

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Are you paying attention to your fire extinguishers? It is a legal obligation for all businesses to have them and most business owners know they should be serviced but with so much already on your mind are yours getting overlooked? Despite the obvious benefit of having a properly working fire extinguisher ready at your