What was the latest in wireless alarm systems 

Visonic wireless alarm systems released in 2006 were considered to be the game-changer in wireless residential security systems. 

Prior to their release wireless alarms were installed by professionals as a last resort. Professional installers would only install systems in cases where wiring an alarm was considered impossible as the systems available were unreliable, expensive, and subject to a number of faults and false alarms. 

Competitively priced and easy to use 

Following the release of the Visonic power master in 2006 they soon became the number one choice for professionals in the domestic security industry. Due to the competitive pricing, ease of use, and long battery life installers were able to offer professional alarm systems cheaper, easier and faster with no mess or disruption to the homeowner “NO WIRES, NO MESS”.
Because of the popularity of this system, there are now thousands of Visonic alarm systems installed in homes and businesses across the UK most of which have been neglected and not serviced annually as recommended by VISONIC and many of the home insurance companies. These systems although very reliable do require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to operate as originally planned. 

Reliability & battery life – 3/5 

Ease or use – 4/5 

Build quality – 3/5 

Available accessories – 3/5 

Value for money – 4/5 


Do you own a Visonic alarm, and is your system in need of a system health check?? At Twenty4 we have carried out inspections and repairs to hundreds of Visonic Powermax systems across South Wales and the West.
We hold a vast array of replacement Visonic parts including: Batteries
Control panels
Door contacts
External Sirens

Servicing you can rely on 

We can carry out a one-off full service and inspection of any brand of alarm system for as little as £50. At Twenty4 we are accredited by the SSAIB and all our staff are security screened so you can be assured we offer the highest level of service.
For further info feel free to contact one of our specialists on 029 2125 2424.