It is common knowledge that business premises are targets for burglaries, with expensive equipment, machinery and stock being vulnerable from a security point of view. According to a recent survey, over 35% of Welsh businesses have experienced a security threat or incident in the last 5 years. This figure has only increased during lockdown, with idle properties being the perfect target for burglars. It is due to such stats that many businesses are investing in security systems, specifically CCTV systems.

Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we have been busy installing CCTV systems at both domestic and commercial properties, ensuring both our business and residential customers are able to protect themselves to the utmost.

However, we cannot stress the importance of CCTV maintenance. This is a service that essentially maintains the CCTV equipment. Below, we look at the most important advantages to investing in CCTV maintenance.

The functionality of cameras is never compromised

CCTV works as a hugely effective deterrent, dissuading burglars from targeting a property due to the risk of being recorded and caught. This is why it is incredibly important that your CCTV is never ‘down’ or compromised in any way. By booking regular maintenance calls, you will prevent any issues from cropping us, whether that be with regards to the system technology or the hardware. 

All parts are clean and working

A CCTV system is made up of many parts, all of which need to be clean and in full working order to ensure the CCTV doesn’t turn off or capture inadequate images. With CCTV maintenance including cleaning and checking all parts, you can feel confident in your systems all year round.

Cameras are positioned correctly

Whether it be a result of heavy rain or vandalism, there are many reasons cameras move away from their target area. When conducting our maintenance visits, we ensure all cameras are positioned correctly, covering high-risk areas pre-determined by our customers. 

Software is updated

The CCTV cameras we use are top of the range, meaning they are high-tech and powered by industry-leading technology. With the rapid progression of security technology, many of our systems require software updates. These make up part of the maintenance calls we conduct. 

Book in CCTV Maintenance 

If you have recently had CCTV cameras installed or have older systems and want to make sure they are still up to scratch, having a maintenance check of your equipment will only benefit you and the security of your property.

To discuss our methods and the costs involved, contact us today.