Running a car dealership can be lucrative businesses. However, the amount of profit you make will come down to the quality of your stock, with the cars you have on-site holding the key to your success. 

This is why as the owner of a car dealership, you need to be thinking about security, considering ways you can best protect your cars, staff members and your business overall. 

Here at Twenty4, we have been working with all types of commercial vehicle businesses across the South Wales region, ensuring their dealerships boast the most intelligent security systems possible. 

So, if you are in the process of setting up a dealership or are already in business and want to invest in security, below are a few products and services that your business would benefit from. 

Intruder Alarms 

Where daylight robbery is very much prevalent here in the UK, over 80% of vehicles stolen here are taken during the night when dealerships are devoid of staff members. And, if you do not have a 24/7 security guard present, you need some way of keeping an eye on stock through the night. 

This is where an intelligent intruder alarm system will come in handy. Installed around your business premises, these alarms will be triggered when an unwanted vehicle or person enters your property. 

Our expert team can advise on all aspects of security from wireless systems to alarms you can control from your smartphone. So, whatever you have in mind for your alarm system, be sure that we can come up with a bespoke solution that best protects you and the cars on site. 


Intercom systems are a popular security measure a great deal of Welsh businesses are investing in. 

Intercoms are voice communication systems that allow people inside a building to talk to those at the door without giving them access. Offering a heightened level of security, Intercom Systems allow you to be more aware of who is coming into your business premises. Consequently, they reduce the risk of theft and ensure you are adhering to health and safety regulations, having a stronger grasp on how many people have entered the building. 

Intercom systems are suited to a car dealership that deals by appointment only. 

In addition to the above, such systems can reduce business insurance premiums rapidly, with insurance providers happier to cover companies that have taken such security precautions. 

CCTV in Cardiff

CCTV is great for deterring thieves, with 78% of businesses that experience regular security issues placing CCTV as the solution. But, as well as putting thieves off, CCTV is also great for capturing those stupid enough to steal or try and steal a car from a car dealership, proving rather beneficial in times of dispute. 

Automatic gates and barriers 

For car dealerships, the forecourt and garage should be a place for salespeople and serious customers, nobody else. This is why having control over who is where is a must. It is for this reason that many car dealerships are installing automatic gates and barriers in certain areas of their premises. 

From limiting vehicle and pedestrian access to securing stock and equipment, there are many reasons businesses choose to install Automatic Gates and Barriers at their premises. 

Here at Twenty4, we supply and install all types of gates and barriers, allowing our customers to protect themselves, their businesses and staff members. Working with the latest equipment and security technology, we help businesses of all kinds, renowned for devising affordable packages that directly reflect our customers’ security needs. 

Need advice on protecting your car dealership? 

If so, contact the Twenty4 team and allow us to share our 20+ years of experience in the world of business security with you.