The number of business burglaries in the UK increases dramatically as Christmas approaches; fact. But, it is mainly the hospitality industry that faces the brunt of this with pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs having to combat heightened security threats as Santa makes his way to town. 

From trade picking up and tills being full to opportunistic thieves needing money to buy Christmas presents, reports of burglaries in Wales almost double in December. 

While the same story every year, pub Landlords do little to protect themselves against the increased risks the festive season brings, leaving their businesses, stock and customers vulnerable. 

Here at Twenty4, we support landlords across the South Wales region, providing their public houses with robust security systems to both deter thieves and catch robbers in action. 

Intruder alarms 

Intruder alarms are essential for any pub, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Where door staff enhances pub security, when your pub is closed it is effectively unprotected. 

This is something installing an intruder alarm at your pub can solve, informing you if anyone enters areas in which they are not prohibited. 

Alerting you via your smartphone, intelligent intruder alarms see landlords aware of any trespassers as and when they attempt to enter their pub. What’s more is that the equipment we use can be coded to inform the authorities as soon as the alarm is sounded, giving you every possible chance of catching intruders in the act. 


As well as offering 24/7 surveillance of your pub, CCTV also acts as a great deterrent. In a recent survey conducted on imprisoned thieves, it was revealed that 66% of them would refrain from breaking into a property of any kind with visual CCTV present. 

Showing thieves that you mean business and will not tolerate theft, pubs covered with effective CCTV can enjoy the festivities without the worry of a break-in. 

What’s more is that the high-tech devices we install for Landlords can also be paired with a device of the customer’s choosing, allowing them to access live and pre-recorded footage on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 

So, if you are looking to protect your pub and have a merry old Christmas get in touch and allow our team to create a safe, fun-filled environment for you, your staff and customers to enjoy. Cheers to that!