Running/managing a business has its stresses, one being the long list of fire safety obligations needed to be adhered to. While a bit of a bore for most, fire safety is incredibly important and should never be overlooked. 

Not only is making your place of work safe the right thing to do for those that occupy the building but it is also a legal obligation, with annual fire risk assessments required by law. 

If you have not got the time or the capability to conduct yours yourself, you will need to appoint a company that can. 

But, you mustn’t just pick the first provider you come across on Google or the cheapest option, with fire risk assessments needed to be carried out by a qualified, competent expert. 

So, if you are on the search for someone to conduct your risk assessment, below are a few things to look out for. 


It is incredibly easy to set up a website and claim to be the best fire safety business around. This is why you must opt for a provider that has experience; one that knows the tricks of the trade and is abreast of the forever-changing fire safety laws you need to abide by. 


When conducting fire risk assessments, a firm will need to access all areas of your business’ premises, assessing the risks and recording their findings. For this reason, they will need adequate insurance cover, safeguarding you and them should an accident happen or if any damage is caused when the assessment is being carried out. 


A good fire safety company’s reputation will proceed with them. This is why gaining an idea of what other businesses and past customers think of them is a good idea. This can be achieved through reading Google reviews, feedback on Facebook and comments left of independent review sites. 

Business fire risk assessment 

At Twenty4, we are proud to be working with property managers, landlords, facilities managers, educational establishments, care homes, business owners and compliance managers across the South Wales region. 

So, if you are looking for a reliable fire safety company with a proven track record, get in touch. 

Other fire safety services in Cardiff

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