Protecting against shattered dreams 

Imagine you have bought your dream home it’s all shiny and new, the place is still part building site and there is the sight of new roads and freshly laid lawns in every direction, its idyllic but it’s not just you who thinks like that! 

It may surprise you to learn that thieves are in your new area too. They are watching and waiting for the new people to move in all with all their brand new goods. Many still in the boxes and being delivered daily and with all the hustle and bustle it’s easy to miss them sat around watching and waiting for their opportunity. 

Easy picking for thieves 

For a burglar a new home development is a playground with homes being far from secure. New homes are all being built as cheaply as possible and many still only the basics fitted so no alarms, window locks or secure front doors etc. Many of these homes will not yet have secure back gates and so access is very easy for any would be burglar. Think about the following top tips that will deter a would be burglar: 

As they are being built there are lots of strange people about, going to and from in vans and making lots of noise and so the sound of an angle grinder going or something smashing is likely to not raise any eyebrows. 

Strangers are everywhere, people are used to seeing new people about the place, again making it very easy for anyone to go about their business unchallenged whether they are genuine or up to no good. 

New goods are all on show 

Another thing that often happens are people leave out the boxes that their brand new 50 inch TV was delivered in, or the new laptop box etc all highlight the goods available for a would be thief should they break in. 

From what we have talked about it is little wonder that new housing developments are targeted heavily by burglars and until neighbourhoods realise, there are often spates of burglaries that happen in quick succession. That is generally when the word spreads and you see the alarm boxes going up and new doors being fitted. In our experience the mere deterrent of a more difficult life (CCTV or alarm) will make a burglar choose an easier target. 

For those who may think their own security is less than desirable we would be happy to offer a free no obligation security survey where we can take a look at what you have in place and give you a detailed report on what we would advise we do at your property. 

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