If you are a pet owner in South Wales you will be aware of the worrying number of dog thefts in recent weeks. While dog thefts have always been a problem in many areas of Cardiff, it appears such activities have become more prominent during lockdown, with thieves stealing dogs to either sell on or breed for money.

Although we cannot begin to understand why people would do this, what we can do is share our advice on securing your home and limiting your risk of being burgled and having your pet stolen.

So, if you are looking for ways to protect your furry friends, take our below tips on board.

Garden security 

A huge 60% of burglars gain entry to a property through the rear. This is why it is important that do not keep your garden gate or garage door unlocked at any time. This is especially important if you have a dog flap and allow your pet to roam around the garden freely. 

Install home CCTV 

If like many of us you want to ensure your property is not a target, you may want to consider installing home CCTV. Although you may think that CCTV is a drastic and expensive measure, it will reduce your risk of being targeted substantially! 

What’s more, residential CCTV costs are likely to be a lot lower than you think! 

Burglar Alarms at home

Like CCTV, home burglar alarms are an easy way to show would-be burglars that your household is not one to be messed with. Whether you opt for full alarm system installation or just want a visible exterior siren, you will be actively protecting your furry friends to the best of your ability!

Keep all doors and windows locked 

Although many of us will naturally check that all windows and doors and locked before we head to bed, a huge proportion of people don’t.

Whether that be because they just never have or they live in what they deem a ‘good’ neighbourhood, this is a sizeable safety issue that needs addressing. Whether you have pet or not, locking up at night is essential. It may also be worth keeping doors and windows locked in the daytime too, with reports of many dogs being taken in broad daylight becoming increasingly worrying. 

Home security systems Cardiff

If you are looking to install home CCTV in Cardiff, want to enquire about residential burglar alarms or any other home security solutions, contact us today.