It is now common practice for families to invest in home security, with more than 50% of UK households either having an alarm or surveillance system installed at their home. 

Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we are a popular choice for intruder alarm installation in Wales, having installed hundreds of systems for our growing portfolio of customers. In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know if you are considering having an intruder alarm fitted at your humble abode! 

How much does intruder alarm installation cost?

The cost of intruder alarm installation will be dependant on several factors. These factors include the type of intruder alarm you opt for, how many devices are required as well as the brand of intruder alarm you choose. Making these decisions is something our team of sales representatives can help you with, advising you in line with your budget and security requirements. 

Does intruder alarm installation make a mess?

When conducting intruder alarm installation jobs, we work hard to create minimal disruption, with our team renowned for their fast turnaround times and neat way of working. 

Do I need to tell my neighbours I am having a burglar alarm installed? 

There is nothing legally requiring you to inform your neighbours that you’re having a burglar alarm installed. However, it is thought to be courteous to tell your neighbours if you are installing a home CCTV system.

Will you teach me how to use the intruder alarm? 

While the systems we use are incredibly user-friendly, we will ensure that you are fully aware of how the alarm system operates before we leave your home. 

Is there any upkeep with a home intruder alarm? 

While an intruder alarm requires little effort from you to keep, having regular audits of the equipment is essential in ensuring it is working to its full potential. Our advice would be to have your intruder alarm system checked annually if it is a bells only alarm and twice a year if it incorporates a police approved monitoring system. These maintenance calls will ensure the equipment’s software is updated, no parts are broken and your alarm is best protecting your property. 

Quotes for intruder alarm installation 

If you are thinking of having an intruder alarm installed at home, contact the Twenty4 Fire and Security team today and allow us to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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