A house fire can be detrimental if it ever occurs. There is a likelihood that a large portion of your belongings will be ruined after coming into contact or being nearby the flames, and if you inhale too much smoke, your health will also face dire consequences. 

The good news is there are a wide number of preventative measures that can be taken. Therefore, your belongings and peace of mind will thus be kept safe and secure. 

Given that there is nothing more important than fire safety, everyone must understand what a fire safety risk assessment entails. 

Complete a fire risk assessment 

There is a fire risk assessment template that you must follow if you want your home to be kept in top-notch shape. This particularly means that you must pay special attention to the following areas: 

Check your smoke alarms 

Every single home is equipped with a smoke alarm, and in the event of a fire, a sound will go off that will alert the need for firefighters to come straight away. The batteries for this alarm should be tested regularly, to ensure that it is properly working each time. 

Taking precautions in the kitchen 

The kitchen can be a hotspot for starting fires if you are not careful. For starters, make sure to check that all of the appliances are working properly. If something is plugged into the wall, has it been over-heating? 

Have you even checked the stove vent hoods, and is the filter regularly cleaned? There must be consistent airflow coming in and leaving every single time you cook. 

Lastly, the stove must be kept clear at all times, so that nothing has to go up in flames unnecessarily. 

Inspect all heating sources in the home  

Your home has several different heating sources across the different rooms, all of which can pose a risk if they are not properly dealt with. 

The fireplace within your home is one such area. Make sure to use it responsibly, and don’t allow any sparks to escape outside of this area. All leftover ash should be placed in a metal container, where no other household item is kept. 

In addition to this, you always have to repair any cords within your home that are no longer working. Keep in mind that they produce heat, and if they are underneath a rug, there is a chance that something will catch fire. 

Any heating system that you have within your home should be regularly checked and replaced by a professional, and above all, kept clean. 

As a last tip, remember to always store flammable products in a space where they will not catch fire. Don’t keep them near any cords, and it would be in your best interest to store them in your garage, and thereby outside of your home if at all possible. 

Be careful with candles 

Candles can do wonders to improve the atmosphere of a particular space, but they can also very easily catch fire if they are not stored properly. It’s your job to be careful and to always keep them away from any flammable items, such as curtains. 

Prioritise safety  

You might want to consider keeping fire extinguishers nearby your home, and beyond this, always prioritise getting a fire safety audit by professionals in the field, such that everything is kept safe and secure. 

A team of expert fire risk assessors in Cardiff can offer you advice on how to fire-proof your home in ways that otherwise might not have even crossed your mind. 

Of course, should a fire also occur, it’s paramount that you know the number to call for firefighters to come immediately. 

If fire safety measures are not kept top of mind, the time to start is now. Who wouldn’t want to protect their home, if the option was given? The professionals at Twenty4 can always assess, maintain and ensure that your home is compliant with the latest fire safety regulations. 

You can book your first free fire risk assessment in Cardiff with a quick and easy click of a button!