Halloween is all about blood, gore and horror. But, there is nothing scarier than the threat of a fire! This is why taking additional fire safety precautions when hosting Halloween parties and events is always advised.

In this fire safety blog post, we look at some useful tips on how to ensure your Halloween celebrations are fun, yet safe.

Lighting your pumpkins

If you are anything like us, pumpkin carving will be a pretty serious competition, with everyone looking to outshine one another with their carved creations. Our advice would be to opt for battery-operated candles to place inside your pumpkins. This reduces the risk of a fire being started by a naked flame.

As well as candles to light up pumpkins, many choose to light candles around the house in a way to enhance the spooky ambience. aAgain, we suggest choosing battery candles wherever possible.

Halloween decorations

Halloween is all about the decorations. From Halloween bunting to large spider webs and ‘Happy Halloween’ signs, the more decorations the better. Most Halloween decs tends to be made from paper and other flammable materials, meaning they will be successful in fuelling a fire should one break out. This is why you should pay particular attention to the number of decorations you put up and the positioning of them. Keeping decorations away from candles, open fires and electrics is a wise move.

Lighting fires

Whether you want to fire up the wood burner in the living room, light your open fire or wish to start a bonfire outside, taking actions that enhance the safety of your event should be your priority. Our advice would be to never leave the fire unattended and ensure any flammable materials are a good distance away from the flame. Also, make sure that the fire is fully outed before going to bed.

Professional Halloween parties

If you are hosting a Halloween party in a commercial setting, say in a bar, restaurant or night club, it is vital that all of your fire safety devices are in working order. It pays to conduct a survey of your items such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire safety signage, emergency lighting and any other fire safety equipment your venue boasts.

Lastly, ensure you have a wonderful Halloween!