Every business in Wales has to conduct an annual Fire Risk Assessment by law. However, a huge 34% of businesses fail to keep up with theirs, resulting in 28% of Welsh business owners being fined and in some cases, imprisoned. 

In a mission to make becoming compliant an easier, stress-free process, Cardiff-based fire and security firm, Twenty4 Fire and Security, has launched a new tool. 

The tool, developed by their in-house IT department, has taken over a year to perfect, utilising forward-thinking technology to help businesses understand their fire safety needs and gaps in their current fire safety setup. 

The fire audit tool 

Coming in the quiz-type format, business owners can answer questions about their premises. Questions include stating how many fire extinguishers are in certain rooms, equipment used in the building and much more. In total, there are 40 questions to answer. 

Once the answers have been entered, the system will generate a score, illustrating the level of risk the business faces. 

David Baldwin, Director, and Co-Founder of Twenty4 Fire and Security says: 

“In 2016 we created a fire safety audit as a tool to help us carry out fire safety audits on businesses using our iPads. We’ve now carried out hundreds of these audits and what we have found has shocked us. 

Over 80% of businesses fail in one way or another. Where some are minor issues many have no idea of what their responsibilities are, leaving them wide open to heavy fines should the fire officer call in or even worse, there is a fire.” 

Making this tool available to businesses for free, business owners can now use the tool on Twenty-4.co.uk, gaining a clear view of their fire safety needs and obligations. 

Alex Lloyd-Hughes, Co-Founder and Director of Twenty4 Fire and Security, believes this tool will go a long way in protecting businesses in South Wales and beyond. 

“We’ve now decided to make our audit tool available for everyone to use for free, it’s a simple 5-minute questionnaire that anyone can carry out, whilst stopping for a coffee or sat waiting for a meeting. The results give a clear outline of where your business is lacking, allowing us to give advice on the next steps to improve. This will  save businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds in fines and go a long way in protecting businesses, staff members and customers”. 

Audit your business online now 

If you wish to find out if your business is safe and compliant, make your way over to Twenty4 Fire and Security’s website now – https://free-fire-safety-audit.twenty-4.co.uk