With Christmas just around the corner and the new year fast approaching, many of us will start to think about our new year’s resolutions and what we wish to change in 2022.

This is especially true if you run a business. A recent survey found that the majority of UK businesses were not 100% satisfied with their current fire safety setup. This is why here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we anticipate many businesses making alterations and additions to their fire and security processes in 2022.

Having spent the majority of our year in commercial settings working on fire safety and security devices, we have become to see where many businesses are falling short. Below, we advise on a few fire safety new year’s resolutions every business should consider.

Ensure fire risk assessments are completed on time

Most businesses need to conduct an annual fire risk assessment by law. However, more than 35% of businesses fail to keep on top of their assessments, with a huge proportion of companies either forgetting to have their assessments completed or completing them late. This means thousands of businesses are not only unsafe but are running the risk of being fined. Our advice would be to task yourself with booking in your annual fire risk assessment for the same time every year, starting this task in January 2022!

Keep on top of fire alarm maintenance

Business fire alarms need to be regularly maintained by a professional fire safety engineer. These visits are vital in ensuring no equipment is compromised. By law, businesses must have their alarms checked at least every 6 months. Your new year’s resolution could be to get these booked in well in advance, ensuring you do not forget and overlook this essential task.

Visually check your business’ fire extinguishers

Changing your attitudes to fire safety and general safety habits may be worth some consideration. One easy, incredibly effective way you can enhance your business’ fire safety is to ensure you are conducting your fire extinguisher visual checks. It is recommended that someone visually checks all business fire extinguishers at least every 30 days. Visual inspections should entail checking that signage is on display, there are no broken parts and checking the pressure gauge to make sure the indicator is in the operating range.

Conduct fire drills twice a year

Fire safety law states that businesses should conduct fire drills at least twice a year and record the results as part of their fire safety and evacuation plan. You should make it a new year’s resolution to keep on top of your drills and your fire safety recordings.

Looking for a new fire safety partner in 2022?

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Our services include:

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  • Fire Risk Assessments

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