Figures show that we have seen a spike in second homeowners in Wales in recent years, many buyers of which have chosen to rent their properties out. While the prospect of attractive rent figures and rising equity is great, we are seeing a huge proportion of landlords neglect their fire safety duties and responsibilities.

This is why we have decided to write this blog. In this post, we will provide a few vital tips all landlords should be aware of. Not only will they help to keep your tenant safe and you compliant, but they could also save you a significant amount of money on your fire safety services and equipment. 

Fire risk assessments for rental properties

If you own a property that you let out, you are required by law to conduct a fire risk assessment every year. This is a risk assessment that reviews the property’s fire safety infrastructure. With rental properties, a great focus will be placed on fire alarms, fire doors and fire exits, so be sure to check that these are in ship shape, always. It is important to not forget to book in your fire risk assessment as landlords caught without having an adequate FRA in place can be issued sizeable fines.

Fire alarms for rental properties

The law states that landlords of buildings built after 1992 must ensure that a mains-powered, interlinked smoke alarm is present on every floor of the property. For properties built prior to 1992, battery-powered fire alarms are advised. It is also required that landlords install monoxide alarms in all rooms where a gas, oil or solid fuel appliance is found.

It is essential that you conduct regular alarm tests to make sure all is in working order and your tenants/investments are safe. 

PAT Testing for landlords

PAT Testing refers to the process of checking plugged-in electrical goods to ensure they are safe and in line with fire safety regulations.

Many landlords will need to ensure the appliances they let their properties out with have been PAT Tested. Items to place close attention to include:

  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • Kettles 
  • Washing machines 
  • Cookers 

Appoint the help of a fire safety partner

If you are just starting out on your B2L property venture and want to ensure you have everything covered with regards to compliance, contact the Twenty-4 Fire and Security team today.