There is no doubting that these are strange times for everyone. But, for business owners, the challenges and obstacles just keep coming.  

From having to work out what on earth ‘Furloughing’ means to managing workforces remotely, business owners are adapting to these challenging times. While the world of work is now situated in our front rooms, it is important that physical work premises are still being secured and protected against the risks of fires and break-ins.  

Below, we share a few tips, detailing some tricks and tactics on how to keep your business premises safe during lockdown.  

Security tips for Cardiff businesses: 

With the majority of commercial properties expected to be empty for the foreseeable future, limiting security risks and breeches should be a priority for all. Here is how you can reduce the likelihood of a beak-in at your workplace.  

Windows and doors  

When locking up the office, make sure all windows and doors are securely locked. This will ensure that if a burglar were to try and gain entry, they would face a huge amount of difficulty doing so. It’s also an idea to ensure you have all keys and fobs within your possession, making sure you have control over who enters the property and when.  

Connect CCTV to your smartphone 

If you have a smart CCTV system fitted at work then syncing the footage to your smartphone is highly advised, enabling you to keep track of anyone that enters or attempts to enter the property during lockdown.  

Fire safety in Cardiff: 

Although reports of opportunistic burglars are concerning for business owners, the risk of a fire at your office should not be overlooked. But, there are a few ways you can further protect your place of work before locking the doors. 

Get unplugging 

Electrical fires are the most common forms of fires in commercial properties. Although you may not have the time or the know-how to conduct PAT tests on all of your electrical goods, unplugging computers, printers, kettles and other items will limit the fire risks posed. Our advice would be to unplug everything possible unless it is an electric-powered alarm or security device. 

Remove all waste 

Dry waste such as paper is renowned for helping fires spread, fuelling blazes and increasing the damage a fire can cause. When preparing for lockdown, make sure you have disposed of all rubbish in the correct manner, leaving nothing behind that could help fire in its tracks. 

Test fire alarms and other fire safety equipment 

While many of your staff members will not be working, it is vital that your fire safety equipment is. Conducting an audit of your alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers is recommended, giving you the peace of mind that all is in order while the property is vacant. 

Securing your property after lockdown 

If you are looking at ways to further protect your business when it comes to fire and security, be sure to explore the various solutions and services we have to offer. Alternatively, contact us for an informal chat about your requirements.