Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we offer a whole range of fire safety and security services, making us a full-service provider.

While we are mostly busy conducting fire risk assessments and installing CCTV systems, we are also highly in demand for Disabled WC Alarm services, with our team conducting both installation and maintenance services for these vital pieces of equipment.

What is a Disabled WC Alarm?

A Disabled WC Alarm is essentially a device that allows disabled people to call for help in the event of an emergency. The device is constructed as a ceiling-mounted pull chord that when pulled alerts for assistance. The chord is coloured red to ensure those inside the WC can immediately see the alarm in the event of an incident.

This alerts staff on-site that someone in the WC is in need of help quickly. They are also backed up with batteries meaning that should there be a power cut, the alarm would still be fully functional.

Why choose Twenty4 for your Disbaled WC Alarms?

Our team boasts decades of experience installing and maintaining equipment of this nature, being highly knowledgeable on the best equipment to use as well as how property owners can stay compliant. All of our Disabled WC Alarms are fitted and maintained in accordance with BS 8300; a British Code of Practice that ensures the inclusive and accessible design of buildings for disabled people.

As well as single alarm systems for toilets, we can also install zoned disabled toilet alarms for larger premises with multiple disabled toilet units.

We recommend that such systems are tested at least once a month to ensure all refuge point alarm systems are functioning correctly.

To learn more about these systems are enquire about pricing, contact our office today. A member of our sales team can talk you through the options, the legalities around these alarms and provide a free, no-obligation quote for you to consider. We can also discuss the possibility of one of our team members conducting a site visit to recommend the best course of action and make sure your property is safe and compliant.