Running a business office/premises can be hugely costly. From rent and rates to equipment and security, everything adds up! For this reason, duties such as fire safety can often slip through the net. This is something we at Twenty4 Fire and Security are eager to change, offering affordable fire safety solutions to ensure our customers are safe, compliant and relaxed in the knowledge that their business is covered.  

Swerving fire safety fines 

While you may think fire safety devices such as smoke alarms and sprinklers cost too much, they are not half as expensive as settling fire safety fines. Minor offences such as failing to keep up with your fire risk assessmentscan result in fines of up to £5,000; a fee that can be crippling to a small business or startup. This is why not making provisions for fire safety at all is just not an option. In fact, it is illegal! 

Below, we look at a few things business owners on a budget can consider doing:  

Understand your fire risks  

We see so many businesses buying fire safety equipment that they think they need but actually don’t. This is why having a professional fire risk assessment conducted on the property annually is essential. This is because when performed correctly, a fire risk assessment will outline the exact threats your business faces as well as the right equipment and the number of devices needed to be compliant, ensuring you are not overspending or buying items that are not required. 

Maintain your fire safety equipment  

Replacing fire safety equipment can be costly. This is why as a business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the equipment you have and ensure they are always in full working order. This is why conducting regular audits, tests and keeping items such as fire extinguishers, alarms and fire doors clean should be a priority. Many items need to have full maintenance checks by law, so be sure you are aware of your duties.  

Bundle your fire safety services into one package 

To build a comprehensive fire safety plan, you will need multiple services and products, with managing all of these being not only expensive but a real headache. This is why we have launched the SmartPlan; a product that allows businesses to bundle all of their fire and security services under one plan. Saving our customers a considerable amount of money and time, the more services you buy, the more money you can shave off of your monthly bill. 

Services you can bundle into your SmartPlan include:  

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