As a business owner, you will constantly be weighing up the pros and cons of products and services, doing all you can to make good decisions that will have a positive impact on you, your company, its staff, and its customers. 

This is why exploring your options when it comes to security can be a real headache, often having to choose between saving money and protecting your business. 

However, here at Twenty4, we offer affordable security solutions for the businesses of South Wales to make use of, eager to protect Wales’ flourishing business community against theft, vandalism and other security breaches. 

While offering a long list of fire and security products and services, we are particularly keen to promote the benefits of installing CCTV at business premises. Below, we detail just a few! 

Protect your business against theft and intrusion 

CCTV is renowned for being a crime deterrent, with burglars and thieves being 80% more likely to stay away from a property that has visible CCTV devices installed. 

This is why businesses that have lots of stock on site, expensive equipment or even sensitive information stored in the building must consider CCTV. 

Peace of mind 

Though crime statistics show the hard benefits of having CCTV, you can never underestimate how important peace of mind is. Knowing that your business is being protected with CCTV cameras will instill a sense of calm and confidence in business owners, allowing them to focus on the important stuff; generating income! 

Insurance policies 

Business insurance rates are famed for being high, being one of the largest outgoings for modern companies. But, did you know that having CCTV can reduce the premiums you are quoted? 

This is one of the most tangible benefits of installing CCTV at your place of work, showing insurance companies that you have limited the risks they face when covering your business and the property. 

Position yourself as a responsible employer 

As well as protecting your premises and ultimately, your finances, having CCTV at the workplace can also do wonders for your employer branding. Positioning you as a responsible business owner that cares about protecting its staff, investing in your business’ security systems can encourage a happy, content workforce. 

Keeping an eye on your workforce 

Although you do not want to come across as one of those stalker bosses, having CCTV can prove rather beneficial when needing clarity on what is going on under your roof. Remember, monitoring the activity of workers and visitors at your business’ site is your prerogative. 

CCTV can also prove instrumental during times of dispute. Whether that be employee feuds or altercations between staff and customers, surveillance footage can give you the evidence that you need to clear up various types of disagreements. 

CCTV cameras from Twenty4 

If you are looking to have CCTV cameras fitted at your business premises then we at Twenty4 would be more than happy to help. With over 15 years of experience in the world of security, we are well equipped to build a bespoke security system that speaks directly to your needs and just as importantly; your budget. 

For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today.