Protecting your business from the threats of burglary and vandalism can be a minefield. From surveillance equipment, intercoms and burglar alarms to automatic gates and barriers, the list of equipment and services required is never-ending.

This is why many business owners will understandably be looking at ways to enhance their business’ security whilst protecting the business’ bank balance. As well as CCTV and alarms, there are also several free ways you can increase your office security. Here are just a few:

Train employees

You should ensure all employees are trained up on your security systems.

Whether that be making sure CCTV systems are turned on or using the intercom systems properly, the more knowledge an employee has on your security infrastructure the more risk-averse they will be. Including security training in your employee induction training is advisable.

Keep expensive equipment out of sight

There are many things you can do to reduce the risk of your business being targeted by burglars. This includes making sure expensive items are out of sight, especially during the hours when the property is unoccupied. Whether that involves moving some items around or simply ensuring blinds are drawn at night, removing targets will be a beneficial move.

Remove possible break-in tools

Most burglars break glass to enter a property and in most cases use items found at the premises. By ensuring no loose bricks or heavy objects are left outside your office you could remove a burglar’s means to enter your property.

Ensure your security systems are working and up to date

Although you will have your regular CCTV and intercom maintenance visits booked in, ensuring your systems are working daily also boasts various benefits. A simply quality check will ensure you can identify and rectify any faults quickly, meaning in the event of a security threat, you will be notified.

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