Whatever type of business you operate, you will understandably be looking at ways to reduce your outgoings. This has become a focus for many businesses in Wales, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

As Welsh businesses look to bounce back, we at Twenty4 Fire and Security are thrilled to be helping customers save money on fire safety. If reducing fire safety-related overheads is a priority for you and the team, take the below tips on board. We hope they help!

Stay on top of your annual fire risk assessments

Businesses must conduct a fire risk assessment at least every 12 months by law. Business fire risk assessments review a property’s set-up and fire safety equipment, identifying areas of concern and people at risk. Those that do not stay on top of their professional fire risk assessments run the risk of being issued with fines. These can be eye-watering and cause unnecessary financial stress.

Ensure all of your fire equipment is regularly audited

Items such as fire alarms and fire doors will need to be ‘maintained’ regulatory in order for them to be deemed safe and compliant. Such audits and checks are not, however, box-ticking exercises. Maintenance visits can uncover issues early on, meaning they can be rectified quickly and inexpensively.

Twenty4 Fire and Security SmartPlan

A few years ago, we launched the Twenty4 Fire and Security SmartPlan. The SmartPlan is a product that allows businesses to bundle all of the fire safety and security services into one ‘plan’. As well as seeing businesses have one single direct debit for such services, they also have one point of contact, making the process of managing the business’ fire safety simple and stress-free. As well as the practicalities that come with the SmartPlan, it is also a way for businesses to save money. The more services incorporated into a SmartPan, the more savings applied.

Request a quote for fire safety services

If you would like to learn more about how you could save money simply by purchasing your fire safety services and equipment via Twenty4 Fire and Security, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!