Burglary impacts 175,000 people every year in Britain, with the risk of an unwanted intruder entering your property being something all of us want to reduce. 

This is why as a nation, we are becoming more aware of products, services and tactics that can safeguard our properties, the people in them and the contents of our homes. Today, we at Twenty4 take a look at the top ways the homeowners of Wales can protect their homes against burglary, as well as advise on some security products that can help keep you safe at home. 

Be careful about who you let in 

In 19% of burglaries where someone is convicted, the criminal is known is some way to the victim. 

For this reason, it is incredibly important that you are careful about who you let in your home. Be especially dubious if you do not know the individual ringing the doorbell, keeping people like salesmen and women, religious preachers and charity workers on the doorstep. 

It is also worth taking a moment to think about who may have a key to a door or window. From dog walkers and ex-partners to handymen, babysitters and cleaners, the list could be a lot longer than you think. And, remember, cutting a key takes just a few minutes, so it may be worth having your locks changed if you have lost track of who does and doesn’t have access to your home. 

Do NOT hide a key 

While popping a key under the plant pot for a neighbour, friend or family member to use may feel like a good idea, you never know who is watching your property and knows that you have left that key in your ‘safe’ place. 

Most burglars will watch properties for days, even weeks before carrying out a burglary, making your safe place not so safe after all. This is why it is best to keep your house keys on you at all times. 

Lock all windows and doors 

Although you may live in a decent neighbourhood with an impeccably low crime rate, the threat of burglary still exists. So, taking a few precautionary measures such as locking doors and windows is highly advised. This should include garage doors, sheds, porches; the lot! 

Think that small windows don’t matter? Think again! Burglars are renowned for either getting through incredibly small spaces or having the right devices to turn small openings into large ones. So, when locking up before bed, ensure ALL areas are secure. 


Nothing scares burglars off more than seeing a big CCTV device on the front of a property, communicating a message to them that the homeowners will not tolerate being robbed of their goods. 

Back last year, a group of criminals engaged in a survey with a popular insurance group, Co-Op, with the panel sharing their attitudes towards all sorts of deterrents. As well as barking dogs, these professional burglars said the most effective deterrents for home burglaries and car theft were CCTV cameras. 

So, there you have it; straight from the horse’s mouth! 

Intruder Alarms 

Intruder alarms can reduce your risk of burglary by a huge 70%. But, with only 32% of UK homes having sufficient alarms installed, there is a great number of homes going unprotected. 

Detecting movement or the opening of a door/window, burglar alarms are fast-reacting, stopping intruders in their tracks before they have the chance to take/break anything. 

How Twenty4 can help protect your home 

If you are serious about protecting your home against the risk of burglary, then we at Twenty4 would be more than happy to help. Offering a long list of burglary prevention products and services, we build bespoke packages to suit the individual needs of our customers. 

So, whether you are looking for HD CCTV, 4K CCTV, an Intruder Alarm or any other security devices, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.