From long walks with family to office parties and all-day shopping trips, there will be many occasions over the festive period where your home will be empty. With the house full of presents and valuable items, ensuring your property is secure will no doubt be a priority.

In this blog post, we explore a few simple yet effective ways you can up your level of home security, leaving access for you, your family and Santa of course!

Keep presents out of sight

Having presents on display may look great and festive, but they may also see your home stand out for the wrong reasons.  For burglars, a home with visible presents will be a likely target. This is why keeping wrapped presents, unwrapped presents and any valuable items away from windows and doors is advised.

Dispose of gift packaging carefully

Your rubbish and recycling will give burglars a good indication as to what they can expect to find in your home. If you have purchased a big tele, bike, jewellery or anything valuable, be careful about where and how you dispose of the boxing and packaging.

Keep doors and windows locked

A great proportion of burglars gain access to properties via doors and windows that have simply been left open or unlocked. For this reason, checking that all windows and doors are secured before you go to bed and when you leave your home should be a priority.

Install an intruder alarm

Intruder alarms are effective devices that deter burglars. A recent survey received that a burglar is 90% less likely to target a home if a visible burglar alarm siren can be seen on the house’s exterior. Installing an intruder alarm is an inexpensive way to significantly reduce the risk of your home being targeted over the festive period.

Install CCTV

Looking to really ramp up your home security? There is no better way to do so than via a CCTV system. Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we specialise in home CCTV and home CCTV installation, helping families across the UK to feel safe and comfortable at home.

To enquire about our intruder alarm and CCTV installation services, contact us today!