Whether you’re a startup business that’s just moved into your new premises or are an established firm reviewing your fire safety equipment and services, partnering with a reliable provider will have a hugely positive impact on you and your business.

However, with so many fire and security companies claiming to be your best option, it can be hard to decipher the good from the great businesses. Below, we pinpoint a few qualities you should look for when comparing your fire safety and security options.

Industry experience and knowledge

With fire safety and security devices always progressing, appointing a company that understands the modern market and the latest technologies is essential. Only can progressive companies with their finger on the pulse provide a stellar fire and security service to you.

Emergency call-outs

In the event where a fire safety or security device is broken or comprised, you will need to know that your chosen supplier is at hand to help. This is why seeking a fire and security company with a 24 hour emergency call out option is essential.

Finance options

From fire alarms and emergency lighting to CCTV and access control systems, investing in your business’ fire safety and security infrastructure can quickly become costly. A leading fire and security company will understand this, offering their customers ways to finance their devices and pay monthly for services/tests.

Fire and security maintenance

You may be unaware that when purchasing items such as fire alarms, fire doors and emergency lighting, they will need to be checked and audited regularly by a professional engineer. This is to ensure they are compliant and in full working order, always. For this reason, choosing a fire and security company that offers supply and maintenance for a good price will need to be the priority.

Using Twenty4 Fire and Security

When selecting Twenty4 Fire and Security to handle your business’ fire and security services, we can supply, install and maintain your fire and security devices. What’s more, we offer a 24-hour emergency call out service should you ever need support with your equipment.

For more information about pointing Twenty4 Fire and Security as your fire safety and security provider, contact us today.