Is there any point having a house alarm installed? Everybody ignores them. 

I received a telephone call the other day from a gentleman inquiring about having a new home alarm system installed. 

He started with the usual questions like how much the system would cost, are they wireless, how long do they take to install etc…. but then became sceptical about the whole idea. 

He said….. 

“is there really any point in having my house alarmed? I mean I hear them going off all the time and I have never gone to check on the neighbour’s property, does anyone take any notice of them?” 

Does an external siren actually make a difference 

He had a good point, in fact this is something that we had been concerned about. The external siren sounding on the alarm system is often ignored, but what they are effective at, is being a deterrent for burglars. 

For this reason, we decided to re-design our home alarm packages at Twenty4. We sat down and discussed what our clients needed from a home alarm system. 

Your home alarm system should protect your family and home from potential burglars 

They need to be: 

  • Reliable. 
  • Effective. 
  • Installed without mess or fuss. 
  • Simple to use. 
  • Built to last. 
  • Affordable. 

Our solution: 

For a system to be reliable we need to install a tried and tested system so this wasn’t difficult. We have worked with thousands of makes and models of alarm systems over the years and we have found that Texecom alarm systems are over all the most reliable. 

For a system to be effective we needed something more than just an external siren sounding when a burglar is detected. Our alarm systems are monitored 24/7 this means that no matter what the issue if the alarm is triggered by a burglar a member of our monitoring station will contact you or one of your chosen key holders. You can choose to have further protection where the monitoring station will contact a man guarding company or police to attend your property. 

Your system should without question be Installed without any mess or fuss. As the alarm system is almost completely wireless our engineers will get your system installed quickly without causing any mess or disruption to your home and can install, commission, test and demonstrate the system all in just a couple of hours. 

The Texecom system is very simple to use, our engineers will configure the system how you want to use it, we can keep it as simple as possible where you swipe your fob to set the system and you simply swipe your fob to unset the system. You may wish to have a few different options for setting, maybe you have a pet and you want a setting configured that allows your pet to roam freely while the perimeter of the house is protected. Maybe you want more from your system, the system is a smart alarm and you will have full control of your alarm system via your smartphone or tablet. There are many options this is a system that will work for you. 

The system should be built to last. We have been working with Texecom for years, so we are confident and have grown to trust their products. Texecom offers one of the best manufacturer’s warranties for parts from 1-10 years depending on the product. 

We have installed them in all types of properties from homes to hotels, newsagents to department stores, nurseries to colleges. Whatever the requirement you can be sure that Texecom will provide a robust solution 

Finally, the system needs to be Affordable. Our Monitored smart home alarm system for your typical 3 bed home costs just £199 including VAT and professional installation. The ongoing alarm maintenance and monitoring cost just £25 per month, again this includes VAT. 

The kit includes: 

  • 1x wireless keypad that can be located in your entrance hall. 
  • 1x wireless door contact that can be installed on your front door. 
  • 3x wireless PIR detectors, these can protect 3 rooms like lounge, dining room and kitchen. 
  • 1x external decoy siren to show that the house has been alarmed and act as a deterrent. 
  • 1x internal loudspeaker to alert when the alarm has been triggered. 
  • 1x Smart com including Texecom connect to enable you and your family to control your alarm system via your smartphone. 


So the answer is, Yes home alarm systems are still worth investing in. 

If your interested in improving your home security or maybe have a business you would like us to protect then you can rest assured our system will keep you SAFE and Secure, Year after Year.  

Call or message us now for more info….. 

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