In the world of security, things change quickly. From new technologies being developed to smart buildings boasting different types of security threats, businesses have to stay on their toes to ensure they are protecting themselves wholly. 

This is why as a business owner, you must stay abreast of these trends or ensure you are working with a fire and security partner that is. Below, we look at a few notable trends mapping the way for an interesting year in security. 

Security drones 

While drones were once things we saw in sci-fi firms, they are now becoming a part of the furniture, especially in the business. And, slowly but surely drones are being used for security purposes. Able to cover large premises through flight, drones with cameras are ideal for capturing images of large outdoor spaces such as construction sites, factories and so on. 

Smart alarm and mobiles 

Many moons ago, business owners and homeowners would install dummy alarms and cameras to use as deterrents, systems that were simply for show. However, as the years go by, the sophisticated burglars and thieves of the country have become savvier and aware of such efforts. 

This has led to the fine-tuning of CCTV and alarm technology, with most of us requiring live footage of our properties that we can access anywhere, at any time. Resulting in most CCTV systems coming with mobile apps, in 2020 we expect mobile connectivity to be the norm for all security systems. 

5G connectivity 

Most security systems are ‘smart’, requiring a live internet connection for them to work to their full potential. But, even the most efficient and sophisticated systems are only as good as the internet network they are connected to. This is why the security industry in Wales is incredibly excited about the launch of 5G; the fifth generation of wireless technology for digital cellular networks. 

Offering extra speed and extra bandwidth, 5G is going to make our mobile devices faster, more powerful and hyperconnected. This means security apps would be quicker, more responsive and generally more superior than ever before! 

Here in Wales, we can expect to be one of the first regions to enjoy the benefits of this advanced version of the internet. Just this week it was announced that Bangor University will home a research facility that will make Wales a global leader in the technology and change how the internet works! 

Facial recognition 

If you are a Welsh football fan, you will have been incredibly excited to watch the Cardiff Vs Swansea game in January. But, with such matches renowned for turning into violent events, security staff and systems are at large. 

South Wales Police decided to use live facial recognition surveillance at the South Wales derby; a decision that made for a safe tone amongst fans, home and away.

We believe as facial recognition technology continues to progress, more and more security firms will start to invest, making facial recognition Access Control systems attractive propositions for businesses in Wales. 

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