We are expected to see thousands of ‘non-essential’ businesses open back up over the coming weeks following Mark Drakeford’s most recent announcements.

While this is fantastic news for Welsh businesses that have been out of action, what it does mean is that many business owners will now be in a state of panic, ensuring everything is ready for that first, all-important day of trade. Although ensuring the premises is clean, welcoming and stock levels are healthy, it is ESSENTIAL that all businesses prioritise fire safety as they prepare to re-open.

If you own a shop, salon or any other establishment in Wales where staff and customers will be visiting, it is paramount that you get your fire safety equipment and services in order before opening your doors. In this blog, we cover vital fire safety precautions all business owners need to consider.

Ensure your fire risk assessment has been completed

Professional fire risk assessments need to be conducted on the majority of business premises at least once a year. It is likely that many businesses that have been ‘locked down’ since the beginning of restrictions in March will not have prioritised this and may not have an adequate fire risk assessment in place. Although this may not be at the top of business owners’ to-do list, if you do not have an assessment in place, you could be subject to fines. With the dent to income your business is likely to have experienced over the last year, is it worth the risk? We think not.

Testing your alarms and smoke detection devices

Most companies will conduct routine checks of their fire alarm and smoke detection systems, with many required to do so by law. Although many companies have kept up with this responsibility during lockdown, a worrying proportion of Welsh businesses have not. This is why any business that is looking to reopen needs to ensure its alarms and any other fire detection devices are in full working order.

Having the correct fire safety signage and extinguishers present

It is likely that you will have had a bit of a revamp or move around of items within your work premises before reopening. While welcoming staff and visitors to a new and fresh facility is great, you may have compromised your fire safety set up. From the positioning of your fire extinguishers to the safety signage on display, the locations in which such items are kept are based on the findings of your fire risk assessment. This is why when changing things around, it is always advised that you have a fresh fire risk assessment conducted.

Although the above three points would be the most important in our opinion, it is also worth testing fire doors and ensuring all PAT testing has been completed on electronic devices.

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