Whether you are looking to install fire alarms in a home or a commercial setting, you will understandably want to explore your options and ensure you are receiving the best product for the best price.

Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we have received an increased number of enquiries for wireless fire alarms, especially from our commercial customers. As the new era of fire alarms systems, wireless alarm installation boasts many advantages. In this blog, we outline just a few!

Are wireless fire alarms new?

Wireless fire alarms may feel like a new phenomenon, but they have actually been around since the 80s. During the early days of wireless alarms, such systems came under great criticism, with their limited battery life being one of the greatest concerns. However, as wireless alarm technology has progressed, attitudes have changed, seeing businesses and individuals wholly embracing the benefits of wireless fire alarms.

Speed of installation

Traditional fire alarms can take days even weeks to install, especially if multiple alarms are required across a large business premises.

With no cabling requirement, wireless alarms are considerably easier to fit. This means if you are in need of alarms quickly, this is the option for you.

Lower costs

Due to the ease of installation, the labour costs involved in wireless alarms are significantly less than cable-connected alternatives. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap fire alarms for your company, opting for a wireless system is a wise move.

No decorating costs

In some cases, installing wired fire alarms can cause a mess, requiring decorators to go in after the installation to rectify imperfections to walls and ceilings. If having no unattractive cables on show or damage to your property is a priority, we highly recommend wireless fire alarms.

Environmental impact

With fewer materials used, opting for a wireless system is actually a more environmentally-friendly avenue to go down, limiting cable waste and the number of engineers needing to be out on the road installing alarms. Therefore, if reducing your company’s carbon footprint is a priority, going wireless is the way forward.

Freedom of movement

Wired systems are pretty hard to move around should there be a change to the business premises, with additional drilling and wiring required. With wireless systems, this is not the case, with their detached nature allowing for freedom of movement.


Wireless fire alarms will still work even if the power in the building goes out. This is because they are battery operated. Although most fire alarms have backup batteries, these are far more powerful and, more importantly, reliable!

Compliant wireless alarms

Please note that the wireless fire alarms we install are compliant with British Standards (BS5839) and European Standards for fire alarms (EN54). If you would like to enquire about having wireless alarms installed or even added to your existing wired alarm infrastructure, please get in touch.