Running a business is no mean feat. Whether you run an accountancy practice, cleaning company or even a food establishment, the long list of responsibilities seems never-ending. This is why when it comes to fire and security needs, business owners will be eager to simplify the process and not give themselves additional headaches.

At Twenty4 Fire and Security, we have worked hard to provide a no-fuss approach to providing fire/security services to businesses. As a result, we are eager to outline the many benefits of using one company for BOTH your fire and security needs. If you’re weighing up whether or not to go down this route, here are a few advantages you may want to consider.

One Point of Contact

When it comes to managing vendors, things can easily get confused, with even the smallest of tasks ending up taking large proportions of your pressure time. When using the same provider for your fire and security needs, you ensure you have one point of contact. From alarms to fire risk assessments and CCTV, you’ll have one number/email address to manage all of your commutations via.

Centralised Paperwork

From fire risk assessment records to purchase orders, receipts and maintenance evidence,  keeping on top of your fire and security requirements is an admin task in itself. When using one partner for both, you effectively centralise your paperwork, which boasts numerous benefits!

Fewer Visits

Running a business premises involves having various visits from fire and security partners. Visits can involve anything from CCTV installations and access control maintenance calls to alarm fault fixing and fire safety audits. By using one business, companies can arrange for various fire and security services to be delivered in single visits. This means less visits and less overall disruption to your working day.

One Invoice

Managing payments for services can be a minefield, especially if you require various visits. When using one provider for both fire and security services, you will centralise your invoices, meaning less paperwork, fewer payments and so on.

The Twenty4 Fire and Security SmartPlan

We have gone the extra mile to make keeping businesses safe a simple and seamless process. This is why we developed the SmartPlan. Customers on a SmartPlan essentially bundle all of the fire and security services they buy into one contract, paying one flat monthly fee to stay on top of these requirements. From fire risk assessments to CCTV maintenance and fire extinguishers, the more a business adds to its SmartPlan, the more savings we will apply.

To learn about any of our services and the SmartPlan, contact us today.