From ensuring a constant flow of income into the bank account to managing the day-to-day tasks of your employees, being a business owner comes with varied duties and responsibilities. However, it is essential that as a business owner, you never overlook the subject of safety, doing all you can to keep your office, equipment, staff members and customers protected. 

Where installing devices and equipment such as CCTV is not a legal obligation, it is an ethical one, with taking safety and security measures being paramount within all modern companies. 

Below we explore the top security services and products we can offer, detailing the advantages of placing safety as a priority. So, if you are looking at ways to further protect your business, read on. 

Intruder Alarms in Cardiff 

In essence, Intruder Alarms are alarm systems that notify owners if an unwelcome guest enters somewhere you do not want them to, detecting intrusion in a building or other area. Making such buildings and locations less likely to become victims of burglary, vandalism and other forms of attack, Intruder Alarms instil a tone of safety in any premises in which they exist. 

While there are many different types of Intruder Alarm products on the market, the majority of systems sound an alarm when one of its sensors is triggered, notifying you and/or the authorities instantly. 

Powered by sophisticated software, our alarms utilise the latest technologies and security designs. This is why at Twenty4 Fire & Security, we are much in demand for our commercial products and packages, offering an array of systems to suit all businesses operating within various sectors and industries. 

So, whether you are a construction business and wish to install Intruder Alarms at various sites dotted across the country, or want to safeguard equipment and supplies at the office, we can devise a bespoke package to best support your place of work. 

CCTV in Cardiff 

While Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) has been around for many years now, video surveillance technology is forever changing, always improving to the advantage of businesses. For this reason, CCTV is something over 68% of businesses in the UK own. While a great proportion of SMEs and large corporations understand the need to install such devices, that does mean a huge number of offices, units, shops, and factories are unprotected. 

But when learning that theft costs UK retail businesses £700m last year alone, we can only imagine just how much the UK business community suffered as a whole in 2018. 

Creating a safer environment for businesses to operate, investing in a high-quality camera is, therefore, a must, allowing business owners to protect their properties and ultimately, their profits. 

Here at Twenty4 Fire & Security, we offer a huge selection of CCTV cameras to businesses, allowing them to capture high definition images of their premises 24 hours a day, every day. Able to be connected directly to your smartphone or devise of choosing, the systems we use also permit for digital video management and storage, making the management of your security systems simple and streamlined. 

Access Control Systems 

Whether operating an accountancy firm, a big block of offices or a factory, you will understandably be careful about who can and cannot access your premises at certain times of the day. And, with manning the doors day and night not being an option, businesses are deciding to make themselves familiar with Access Control systems. 

As a service we have been offering for many years now, we have been lucky enough to help protect businesses with all sorts of needs. From helping owners control who enters their premises to accounting for staff and ridding of the need for employees to carry keys, the benefits of investing in Access Control systems are endless. 

Other safety systems and products we offer include: 

  • Intercom Systems 
  • Automatic Gates and Barriers 
  • Automatic Doors 
  • And much more 

Why use us for your security needs? 

Unlike many other fire and security businesses, we develop tailored solutions for our customers, giving them the peace of mind that their direct needs are being considered and catered for. 

What’s more is that we do not simply install CCTV, Alarms and the likes and that’s the last you hear from us. We offer maintenance packages on all of our products; ensuring we have regular touch-points with our customers, maintaining their security systems to the best possible standard. 

For more information on any of our services, get in touch. 

You can call us on 029 2125 2424 or email us [email protected] 

From here, we can discuss your requirements and come up with the best solution for your business.