At, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive fire and security services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Recently, our team of skilled engineers embarked on an extraordinary adventure – their first-ever job aboard a cargo ship.

This job involved the crucial task of fault-finding on a fire and intruder alarm system, highlighting our commitment to extending our expertise beyond traditional land-based operations.

Setting Sail on New Waters

When we received a call for assistance from a cargo ship that wanted to confirm their fire and intruder alarm system were in working order, our team was eager to rise to the challenge. While we had extensive experience in conducting fire and security services on land, this marked an exciting new adventure for the team.

It presented an opportunity for our engineers to apply their expertise in a unique and demanding setting, adapting to the specific requirements of a vessel operating at sea.

Meeting the Challenge Head-On

The cargo ship required a fully operational fire and intruder alarm system to ensure the safety and security of its crew and cargo.

Our team recognised the importance of addressing the issue promptly, as any malfunction could have severe consequences in such a confined environment. With meticulous planning and the necessary preparations in place, we set sail to provide our expert services.

Navigating New Territory

Upon arrival, our engineers encountered various challenges associated with working aboard a ship. From adapting to the vessel’s structure and layout to acclimatising to the constant motion and unique working conditions, they quickly realised the significance of their expertise in maintaining a safe working environment.

With unwavering commitment and a wealth of experience, our team was prepared to navigate these uncharted waters to restore the ship’s fire and intruder alarm system.

Meticulous Fault-Finding

To commence the fault-finding process, our engineers meticulously inspected the fire and intruder alarm system, employing their extensive knowledge of industry standards and regulations. They conducted comprehensive tests, troubleshooting potential issues with the wiring, sensors, control panels, and communication networks.

Utilising specialised equipment and the latest technological advancements, they swiftly identified and rectified the faults, ensuring that the system was reinstated to its optimal functionality.

Throughout the 2-day visit, safety remained our utmost priority. Our engineers adhered to stringent safety guidelines, constantly assessing potential risks and implementing appropriate precautionary measures.

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