With businesses in Wales now reopening, many are unpacking in new offices!

Whether you are moving to a new-build office block in Cardiff or relocating your Swansea business to an established commercial property, the stress of upping sticks and transferring stock and staff will inevitably be stressful. Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we are constantly helping businesses with their move, ensuring their new premises is fitted with the right fire safety equipment and the right precautions have been taken. Plus, if lockdown has taught us anything, it is the importance of being and feeling safe! 

Professional fire risk assessment

No matter what the previous occupants did in the way of fire safety prior to your move, it is important that you have a new professional fire risk assessment conducted on arrival. This is because every business will have its own set of fire risks, most of which are dependent on the type of business you run, the number of staff members in the facility, frequency of visitors, equipment/stock and much more.

Our advice would be to book in a fire risk assessment as soon as you have the keys. 

When choosing Twenty4 Fire and Security as your fire safety partners, we will conduct your fire risk assessment promptly and with minimal fuss, creating a report in which you can access and analyse online. As part of this service, we will create recommendations on your fire safety set up, advising on areas such as:

  • Alarms 
  • Fire extinguishers 
  • Safety signage 
  • Emergency exits
  • Fire doors 
  • Fire door retainers
  • PAT testing 
  • Fire stopping
  • Emergency lighting

Please note that the majority of business premises are required to have a professional fire risk assessment conducted every year by law. An additional fire risk assessment will need to be undertaken if there have been structural changes made to the property or there has been a change in the business activities conducted at the premises. 

Online fire safety audit 

Want to check how adequate your fire safety is right now? If so, you can utilise our online fire audit tool. What’s more, it’s free! 

This is an online questionnaire designed to provide a clear picture of where your business’ fire safety gaps are. Once the online questionnaire has been completed, our advanced system will provide you with a fire safety score, proving tips and advice on how to be one complaint and operate a safer working environment. 

Follow the below link to conduct your online fire audit now:


Alternatively, contact our team at your earliest convenience to discuss your fire safety requirements. We look forward to hearing from you: 

029 2125 242