The National Fire Chiefs Association, a body campaigning for improvement and development in the fire safety industry, is calling on businesses to review their fire safety setups in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

With new ways of working introduced due to social distancing rules, we have seen a huge change in fire risks to buildings. 

Below, we explore a few changes that may have altered your business’ fire risks and fire safety requirements. 

Storing large quantities of PPE on site?

If your business is still up and running during then it is likely that you have invested in a large quantity of PPE and face masks. This means you will have to store your PPE somewhere in the building. With most PPE equipment having a degree of flammability to it, this can prove quite worrying from a fire safety point of view.   

It is advisable that any business storing large quantities of flammable materials conduct a full fire risk assessment, ensuring the right fire extinguishers are located close by and fire prevention precautions are taken. 

Changes to normal staff working patterns

More businesses are working staggered hours to ensure less people are in one room and in close proximity at once. This means many different rooms are being used, desks are being moved and various other alterations to offices and business premises are being made. Again, this could mean that certain rooms are not fitted with adequate emergency lighting, fire alarms and so on. 

Change in business usage

You will have no doubt read in the news that many have had no choice but to rethink their businesses during lockdown, with many completely changing their business model, service, product offering and thus what they use their business premises for. 

But, did you know that and change to business use requires a new fire risk assessment by law? With each business boasting different fire risks, you could be putting your staff, building and business’ future at risk if you are not aware of the laws.  

Empty businesses 

Think that if your business premises is empty you won’t have to worry about fire safety? Think again! Empty premises are huge fire safety risks. From weekly fire alarm checks not being conducted to nobody there to witness any faults to equipment like fire extinguishers or broken emergency lights, leaving properties completely idle is a problematic move. 

Conduct a fresh Fire Risk Assessment

Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we would recommend conducting a fresh fire risk assessment as soon as possible, especially if any of the above applies to you and your business.   

Contact us right away to arrange your professional fire risk assessment.