More than 40% of UK offices are fitted with intercoms; communication systems that allow businesses to monitor who is entering their property and when. With the ability to transmit voice and video content, modern intercoms are sleek, easy to manage and can reduce the risk of burglaries dramatically.

If you are thinking of fitting an intercom at your business premises or are simply looking for more information on intercom system installation, we are here to help. Below, we look at the most important factors businesses should be considering.

The benefits of intercoms 

As mentioned, intercoms are great for enhancing security. Below, we look at a few other benefits:

Enhanced security

Intercoms allow people inside the building to answer the door to visitors without providing them with access, taking control of their business premises. 

Insurance premiums 

Intercoms are an insurance company’s dream, with business insurance premiums tending to be lower for buildings with such security systems installed. This is because insurers are happier to cover a business that has taken security measures to protect their property. 

Staff/payroll concerns 

A sophisticated intercom system will keep a record of when an employee enters and leaves the office. Such data can prove beneficial when addressing timesheet and payroll issues. 

Around the clock security

Even before the pandemic, we were seeing many businesses move over to 24 hour operations, especially UK companies operating in international markets. Intercoms represent electronic sentinels, meaning they are able to manage access points around the clock. 

Intercom installation 

When thinking about intercom installation, you may have many questions like ’where will the equipment go?’, ’who will install the intercom?’ and ’how many devices do I need?’. These are all questions we can help you with. 

After an initial site visit, we will draw up a plan for you to sign off, outlining the suggested equipment, it’s positioning as well as how the installation process will work.

Intercom system maintenance 

It is important to remember that like any security system or device, an intercom will need to be maintained by a professional Engineer at least every 6-12 months. This is a legal requirement and will ensure your intercoms are performing well always.

Intercom installation quote 

If you would like to discuss having an intercom system installed and maintained by the Twenty4 Fire and Security team, we would be more than happy to assist. Contact us to discuss the many options available. We look forward to hearing from you!