Although the news is filled with stories of local businesses being broken into and stolen from, as business owners we simply never think it is going to happen to us. That’s until it does. 

With 1 in 3 companies experiencing a security issue of some sort during their time in business, such statistics cannot be ignored. But, what do you do if it is too late and your business has been ransacked by burglars? 

Below, we show you how to react if you turn up to work to find the worst has happened. 

Leave everything as it is and call the police 

The first thing to do when finding your place of work has been burgled is calling the police then simply do nothing. Do not touch a thing or even begin to start clearing up. This is because the police will want to take a look at the property first, ascertaining how the burglar gained access, what damage has been caused and what items have been taken. 

In many cases, the police will bring a forensics team with them to take samples of the premises and see if they can find any fingerprints. This is why refraining to tamper with anything is essential. 

Check your CCTV 

Once the police are happy for you to gain access, they will probably ask you if the premises have CCTV. If you do, you should watch the last 24 hours of footage with them, flagging up any suspicious activities or unusual goings-on. 

Inform staff and relevant customers/suppliers 

The last thing you want when faced with an issue like this is staff members turning up and getting distressed too. So, be sure to send an email around to all to tell them of an alternative working environment or to permit a work from home day. It’s also worth checking your diary to ensure nobody turns up for a meeting. 


If you have had equipment, and/or money was stolen then the earlier you inform your insurance company the better, getting a head start with putting your claim in. With claims taking months, sometimes years to settle, making headway from the offset is advised. 

Revise your security setup 

Now that you have experienced a burglary it is essential that you reduce the risk of a repeat performance. This is why revising your security setup immediately is so important. 

If you have experienced a burglary and want to tighten up your security, we at Twenty4 would be more than happy to help, having supported businesses of all industries and sectors across the country. Specialising in CCTV, Access Control, Automatic Gates, Automatic Barriers and Intruder Alarms, we possess all the skills and knowledge to get your business as safe as secure as humanly possible. 

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