Summer 2019 is proving to be a real scorcher, with last Tuesday reaching temperatures of 27 degrees in Wales. While great for accentuating those tan lines and our Vitamin D intake, the blistering heat does have its cons; one being an increase in fire risks for businesses.

This is applicable to all types of businesses, so if you are your company’s ‘Responsible Person’, it is important that you know and understand the impact heatwaves can have.

Below, we look at what risks a hot summer can bring as well as ways to limit them.

Keep fire extinguishers in a cool, dry place

Fire extinguishers are required by law in most commercial businesses, used to combat fire and provide peace of mind amongst staff members and visitors. However, it is essential that fire extinguishers are maintained and always in working order; something direct heat and sunlight can prohibit.

If you have fire extinguishers kept outdoors or by a window where the sun can get to them, be sure to move them into a cool, dry place. This is because focused heat can cause them to lose pressure and in some cases, explode.

That said, most modern extinguishers come with UV protection casing, so make sure you review your extinguishers as the hot weather creeps in.

Get unplugging

Hot weather and electricity can be a dangerous combination. This is why as the temperature increases, it is worth unplugging devices that are not in use. Taking some pressure off our your electrical setup and saving you money on energy, this is certainly worth doing.

We advise this as you will limit the heat generated from your electrics. Then, if fire does breakout, you will not be fuelling it with additional heat from your electrical items.

Keep fire doors closed

While the heat in the office can feel almost unbearable, you should always avoid the temptation of propping open fire doors, unless that are fitted with fire door retainers that is.

This is because keeping fire doors open when they are not supposed to be will increase the risk of a fire spreading; something all business owners want to avoid.

Regularly check your smoking area

Since the smoking ban was introduced back in 2007, most businesses have built dedicated smoking areas for their workers to have their cigarette breaks in. But, as the weather heats up, these areas become huge fire risks.

Fr this reason, smokers and business owners need to ensure all cigarettes area put out completely. This is especially the case if you have a bin for buts. With bin contents getting hot and dry in the heat, one lit cigarette could cause a real blaze.

Need help protecting your business against fire risks?

If you are worried that your business premises is not compliant when it comes to the fire safety laws set out by UK Government, we at Twenty4 can help. Offering a variety of services, we would be more than happy to discuss them with you.

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