Whatever type of neighbourhood you live in, there will be some sort of burglary or vandalism risk. While not something we like to admit, such as the world we find ourselves in!  This is why as a homeowner, you will understandably want to protect your family and your asset, something an intelligent Intruder Alarm can achieve with ease.   

But, with so many security businesses out there, it can be hard to decide which is best to invest your money in. This is why we offer impartial advice on an array of products, allowing our customers to understand their risks and what we can do to limit them.  

So, if you are in the market for a device for your house or apartment, below are just a few reasons why you should choose us as your suppliers.   

Bespoke service   

Understanding that one size does not fit all, we take a tailored approach when working with each of our customers. Assessing their security requirements, we design systems that speak directly to them and their properties. We achieve this by conducting risk assessments, using our many years of industry knowledge to ensure we are offering the highest level of security possible.   

Smart alarm systems  

Unlike many of the other security companies out there, we move with the times, ensuring our alarm systems are both capable of deterring modern burglars and user-friendly. This is why all of our alarms are ‘smart’, meaning you can sync them to a device of your choosing and disarm them anywhere, at any time.   

Promoting high standards in home safety   

With the best team paired with high-quality alarm systems, we at Twenty4 are all about the promotion of high standards. Instilling confidence in our customers, we are heavily focused on reducing the risks our customers face. Boasting a selection of accreditations and a long list of great testimonials, our twenty years of experience fitting Intruder Alarms speaks for itself. What’s more is that all of the work we carry out at properties is ‘insurance safe’, meaning we are completely covered when working on your premises.  

Competitive rates for Intruder Alarms   

Protecting your family home doesn’t have to cost the earth. At Twenty4, we offer a long list of options, able to deliver security solutions to suit all budgets.   

In recent years, our finance option has become increasingly popular. Requiring a deposit of £49 and 24 monthly payments of £12.50, we can supply a brand-new Intruder Alarm for just over £10 a month!  

A specialist team  

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals, with our Directors comprising of some of Wales’ most experienced fire and security specialists. From knowledgeable engineers to qualified assessors and installers, our workforce is something we are incredibly proud of.   

To learn more about our staff members and our Intruder Alarm deals, contact our team today.   

With Intruder Alarms reducing your risk of burglary by 90%, can you afford not to?  

You can call us on 029 2125 2424 or email us [email protected]