Background – the Inherited alarm was not working 

Mrs. Lee had recently bought a property and adopted the previous owner’s intruder alarm, however, the codes and operating manual were both missing. With no way of checking if the system worked and unsure what to do, they were in limbo. 

She had been recommended to call Twenty4 for a solution as a friend of hers had had work done already. She had been happy with the work we did and was especially impressed with the training also supplied as part of the installation process.  

Mrs. Lee was convinced the whole system would need to be replaced as she had very little information to provide. No codes, no manuals, and no information, just a couple of boxes on the wall and no way of accessing the details she needed to test or use them.  

The Project 

We initially thought that it may need a new intruder alarm system but on inspection, we advised that this would not be necessary and that we could work with the existing system. It is worth noting here that getting the right advice here is essential as its all too easy just to replace with new rather than work with an existing “broken” system.  

Where current products are in place, and all the existing cabling run, it is generally much cheaper to work with this rather than potentially ripping out and re-installing everything. 

Our engineers recommended that we replaced all the bell boxes and at the same time changed all the internal batteries they then re-programmed the whole system. Problem solved at a fraction of the cost of a new home intruder alarm system all that was left was to test it. 

Whilst on site our engineer issued the user manual and did the training on how to use the system. Whilst all this is included in the price if further help is ever needed then Mrs. Lee can call the helpline for advice completely free of charge and as often as needed. 

Customer feedback  

Clearly Mrs. Lee was very happy that we were able to use the existing products that were already installed saving her both time, money and hassle.  

She was delighted that we were able to show her how to use the system and now feels safer in her home when there and knows the property is more secure when she is not there.