If you run a restaurant, café or public house, you will be looking forward to lockdown rules being lifted and life getting back to normal (ish). While it is suggested that we will see a phased return to normal working conditions, business owners in the industry will have a lot to do to get their premises up to scratch before welcoming customers through the doors. A lot of these tasks will be centred on fire safety.  

Because properties have been left idle, ensuring all is in order from a fire safety point of view is essential. Below, we provide a few tips and advice to business owners that want to ensure their premises is as safe as it can be before returning to work. 

Fire risk assessments Cardiff 

While conducting fire risk assessments is something businesses need to do once a year by law, it is worth starting a fresh when reopening post-lockdown. Not only will conducting a new assessment give you the peace of mind that you have everything covered but it will also pick up any new risks that have cropped up since the premises has not been in use. Whether that be as a result of alterations you have made or a change in the number of staff members you have, having a fresh audit of your property has many advantages. 

Arrange for maintenance of your equipment

For most businesses, they will have fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire doors and emergency lighting that has all been left untouched during lockdown. With regular maintenance of such equipment and devices needed to ensure they are working properly, giving them an in-depth audit on your return to work is something to consider. 

Fire safety training in Cardiff 

With lockdown giving us all a chance to recharge our batteries and get around to the tasks we have been putting off for years, many business owners will be looking at upskilling and educating their staff members. This is why at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we are receiving an increased number of enquiries for fire safety training, with bosses wanting to ensure their teams are aware of fire risks and how best to prevent them. 

Create a Fire Safety Plan  

Creating a Fire Safety Plan is a wise thing to do for all business owners. This is a detailed document that covers what to do in the event of a fire as well as maintenance and upkeeping tasks associated with fire safety equipment.  

Recruit the help of Twenty4 Fire and Security  

Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we work with hundreds of businesses in the hospitality industry, helping them limit their fire safety risks with a range of services and solutions. From conducting risk assessments to ensure no fines are received to installing high-performing equipment that is in line with government standards, our forte is saving customers time and money in abundance.  

For a free quote on any of our fire safety services, contact us today.  

Alternatively, conduct a free audit of your business using our handy fire audit tool.