For most, their property is their main asset. This is why ensuring it remains in a good state and retains its value is a must.

Due to the importance your property plays in your financial stability, many look for ways to hike up the value of their home. One tactic in which many are exploring is the installation of home CCTV and other security devices.

A recent survey revealed that buyers look upon properties with CCTV systems favourably. Due to the way in which supply and demand works, estate agents have started to value properties with CCTV systems marginally higher than comparable properties without security systems installed.

How much can CCTV add to your property value?

The exact amount of value a CCTV system will add to your house will be dependant on many different factors. These include the size of the property, location and the CCTV you decide to install. Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security we can advise on a variety of systems and brands, ensuring you install the best possible home CCTV system for you.

Other benefits of home CCTV installation

As well as making potential buyers feel as though your home is a safe property to purchase, installing home CCTV boasts many other advantages. These include:

  • Saving you money on home and content insurance
  • Giving you peace of mind that you, your family and your property is safe
  • Safeguarding expensive and sentimentality valuable items in your house

Home security systems

If you wish to discuss installing home CCTV at your property, please contact the Twenty4 Fire and Security team today. They will be able to discuss the variety of options available to you and your property.