Running a coffee shop is about much more than making Instagram-worthy patterns on frothy lattes, with the UK’s coffee shop culture making a huge contribution to our hospitality economy. This is especially the case here in South Wales, with areas such a Roath, Pontcanna, Penarth and even Barry bursting with independent coffee shops. From the quirky to the quaint and vintage, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to grabbing a brew. 

This is why at Twenty4 we are keen to protect such businesses, offering a variety of security products and services to keep thieves and burglars at bay. 

Why coffee shops are a target 

With a rise in coffee shops being opened has come a rise in burglaries on these types of business premises. This is for many reasons. From such businesses having expensive coffee-making equipment to many small businesses leaving their tills in the property overnight, for thieves; coffee shops can be goldmines. And, while they are usually dotted around high streets and in nice communities that people deem ‘safe’, burglars are willing to travel to find a business they can ‘turn over’ and grab cash/equipment from. 

Why CCTV is a must for coffee shops 

  • Warn off would-be burglars – Not only can CCTV help coffee shop owners see what is going on in and around their premises but it can also stop burglars from even considering the premises as a property worth breaking into. This is because CCTV acts as a deterrent, showing would-be burglars that you will not tolerate crime at your establishment. 
  • Make customers and staff feel safe – simply knowing that there is a CCTV system in place can put both customers and staff at ease. And, this is particularly important if your coffee shop opens late at night, with staff feeling a lot more comfortable locking up alone knowing that security measures are being taken to protect them and the business. 
  • Catch criminals in the act – Offering 24/7 surveillance, CCTV systems record footage all day, every day. This means if there were a break-in or an attempted break-in, you would have the footage to give to the police and your insurance companies. 

How Twenty4 Fire and Security can help 

If you own a coffee shop or café in South Wales and would like to learn more about our cameras, installation process and prices, we would be than happy to help. Contact our friendly team today for a free, no-obligation quote.