From coffee shops and retail outlets to family-run businesses, here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we are lucky enough to work with and support all types of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether our work entails fitting large fire stopping systems or single fire alarms, we work hard to ensure the safety of our customers.

However, we understand that investing in fire safety equipment and services can, in some cases, be expensive. This is why below, we explore some of the inexpensive and free ways you can enhance fire safety at your place of work.

Conduct regular fire safety training and fire drills 

By conducting regular fire drills at your place of work, you ensure that everyone within the business is aware of the steps to take in the event of a fire. This ensures the subject of fire safety is prominent within your business. Naturally, employers will work in a more cautious manner. 

Keep on top of your annual fire risk assessments 

Fire risk assessments are designed to identify and evaluate fire safety threats, reducing the likelihood of a fire breaking out and causing costly damage to the premises and the equipment it houses. This is why keeping on top of your annual fire risk assessments is paramount. 

Make fire safety part of your induction process 

In most cases, fires at commercial properties are caused or could be prevented by staff members. For this reason, educating on fire safety equipment and procedures during the indication process will only be advantageous. 

Invest in a SmartPlan with Twenty4 Fire and Security 

A few years ago, we at Twenty4 Fire and Security launched the SmartPlan; a product that allows businesses to bundle their fire safety services into one monthly bill. Not only is this an easy and convenient way to stay on top of fire safety requirements, but it is also a great way to save money, with the more services bundled into a SmartPlan, the higher the discount applied.

Services able to be added into a Twenty4 SmartPlan include;

  • Professional fire risk assessments
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Emergency lighting maintenance
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance
  • PAT testing
  • Disabled refuge maintenance
  • Disabled toilet alarms maintenance
  • Nurse call maintenance
  • Fire door retainers
  • Fire door inspection

If you wish to discuss your business’ fire safety needs, contact our team today!