Maintaining control of your business is essential. This is certainly the case when it comes to providing physical access to your workplace, needing to know what parts of your office/site are both accessible and restricted to certain individuals. 

For this reason, many businesses invest in Access Control Systems. These are security systems that play a key role in safeguarding business properties as well as staff members, managing and controlling who has access to where.   

Below, we explore the many benefits of having an Access Control System at your business, allowing you to decide whether or not this is something you wish to introduce.   

Protect valuable items  

Whether you run a small accountancy firm or a large factory full to the brim with stock, your place of work will be full of valuable items that you wish to protect.   

Not wanting any old Tom, Dick or Harry to stroll freely about your items, installing an Access Control System is advised. This is because they can restrict access to certain people, giving the people you want to access specific rooms a card/fob to do so.  

Access Control Systems can also keep confidential information confidential. For instance, any HR department will have documents and information about employees stored on its computers and in its filing cabinets. Ensuring only HR team members and Board Members can access that room is, therefore, a must! This is something an Access Control System can achieve with ease.   

Have a record of entry   

Access Control Systems are intelligent little devices, able to keep a digital record of who has and has not been in certain areas of the facility. This can prove beneficial for many reasons, one being allowing bosses to ensure staff members are arriving and leaving on time.   

Such records can also prove useful in times of emergency; a fire for instance. And, if you experience an unfortunate event such as theft or vandalism, finding out who had access to the area at the time will be your top priority.   

No keys!   

From the garage key and car key to the key for the lawnmower, as adults, our bunch seems to get bigger and bigger. This is why ridding of keys with a digital Access Control System is an attractive prospect for many, implementing an easy-to-manage system that requires no key-cutting or replacing.   

Reduce your insurance premiums     

Unpicking a lock or duplicating a key is pretty easy nowadays, with a door lock not offering as much protection to a room or space as you may think. This is another reason an Access Control System can benefit a business, with cards, fobs and fingerprints a lot harder to duplicate by a fraudster.   

Offering a heightened level of security, Access Control Systems can, therefore, reduce insurance premiums, being a great way for businesses to save money whilst protecting themselves.  

Request a free quote for an access control system  

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