How long do fire door inspections take?

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The length of time our team will be at the property conducting inspections will depend on many different factors. These include the size of the property, the number of doors that need to be inspected and so on. We can give you a more accurate idea of when and how long the inspections will

Can anyone inspect fire doors?

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No, your fire doors need to be inspected and maintained by a professional inspector with the relevant qualifications and experience. Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we hold the relevant accreditations to conduct fire door inspections for all types of businesses in all types of industries.

What is on a fire door inspection checklist?

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While you may think that a fire door inspection takes just a few minutes, the inspection is actually very thorough and needs to be conducted by a fire safety professional. In order to ascertain whether or not a fire door is compliant, the following aspects are tested: Whether the door can be opened and

What if the door fails?

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Its very common for fire doors to fail the inspection, a recent survey identified that 90% of fire resisting doors in the UK would fail an inspection. This is very alarming. Fire doors can fail from something very minor and easy to fix your self, like missing screws in hinges or the need to

How much does a fire door inspection cost?

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Fire door inspection costs vary from company to company and in different areas in the UK. At Twenty4 we are able to provide a high end service at a very competitive cost. This is because we have a developed our own unique fire door inspection app that allows us to provide very detailed reports

Will i receive a fire door certificate?

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Yes, our trained inspectors carry out a vigorous visual inspection of your fire door or doors. Each door or door set is carried out as an individual inspection, our assessors will take photographs as well as carry out operational checks recording these findings on our bespoke Fire door inspection App. Once completed we will

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