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Protecting Cardiff: 5 Steps for Better Security at Home

To learn more about our many security solutions, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Business Advice: Fire Safety for Cardiff Car Mechanics

If you are looking to enhance the safety of your business then we at Twenty4 Fire and Security would be happy to help, offering a long list of services at commendable rates.

Fire Safety in Cardiff: Cost-Effective Ways to Protect Your Business Premises

Fire Safety - We look at a few things business owners on a budget can do to ensure their business is fire safe and compliant.

Common Fire Safety Mistakes Welsh Businesses Make

We look at the most common mistakes businesses are making; dangerous mistakes that commonly crop up during fire risk assessments, emergency call-outs and maintenance visits. we look at the most common mistakes businesses are making; dangerous mistakes that commonly crop up during fire risk assessments, emergency call-outs and maintenance visits.

Meet the Team: An Exclusive Interview with Twenty4 Director, Alex Lloyd-Hughes

It’s that time of the week again where we post a Q and A with a member of the Twenty4 family. This week, we have interviewed Alex Lloyd-Hughes; one of the Directors of the business.

Fire and Security Tips for Reopening Your Cardiff Business Post-Lockdown

We provide a few tips to business owners looking to ensure their buildings are fully covered from the risks of fire and security breaches.

Fire Safety in Cardiff: 5 Affordable Ways to Protect Your Restaurant Post-lockdown

Fire Safety: Because properties have been left idle, ensuring all is in order from a fire safety point of view is essential

Meet the Team: Max Lloyd-Hughes; our Senior Engineer

Today, we fire a few questions at Max Lloyd-Hughes; our Senior Engineer here at Twenty4.

Meet the Team: An Exclusive Interview with Twenty4 Director, Dave Baldwin

Today, we fire a few questions at David Baldwin; one of the Directors of the business.

Fire and Security: How to Protect Your Office in Cardiff During Lockdown

We share a few tips, detailing some tricks and tactics on how to keep your business premises safe during lockdown.

Securing Cardiff: How to Protect Your Home During Lockdown

Here at Twenty4, we are advising our customers, as well as our Blog readers, to spend this time wisely, exploring measures to take to ensure properties are as safe and secure as they can possibly be.

5 Ways to Secure Your Cardiff Office

Here at Twenty4 Fire and Security, we are proud to be supporting the businesses of Wales in protecting their premises, offering a variety of security systems that are designed to deter burglars or catch them in the act should they gain entry

Business Advice: Active Vs Passive Fire Protection

We take a look at Active and Passive fire protection, what systems they cover and which are best to invest in for your business.

Welsh Security Trends for 2020

We look at a few notable trends mapping the way for an interesting year in security

Aston Martin new factory

We were asked to install a new fire alarm system for Aston Martin, have you got a unit that needs a fire safety system? Call us today.

CCTV Competition Winner

A recent competition to win a professional grade CCTV system made the winner very happy, look out on Facebook for our next one.

Identity theft solution

Identity theft is a growing problem and the after effects can be devastation. Do you want to get advice on how to protect yourself against it?

Visonic Powermax

Want to know about the latest in wireless alarm technology? Ask our team about Visonic Powermax

Home Intruder Alarm Project

Have you ever considered installing an intruder alarm to protect your home? Get a FREE quote today!

I will probably never come back...REALLY?

With shocking advice and a seeming disregard for real fire safety, customers may be forgiven for thinking they will be fine, but will they?

Old reliable, when was the last time you checked yours?

Regular fire extinguisher checks are a legal requirement, when were yours last done? Call today to book in your checks

New homes are a burglars dream

Could your new home be at risk from burglars? Get some expert security advice from my team.

A short cut to losing thousands!

Don't be duped into spending 1000's get a fire risk assessment! Are you non-compliant across many important and potentially dangerous areas.

When did you last call the police after hearing an alarm?

With few people calling the police when they hear an alarm some question is there any point in them, call the team to discusses monitored alarms.

Who's responsible for fire risk assessments?

Making the right choices as the responsible person can be the difference between life and death, speak to our team about taking over this huge responsibility.

Fire Safety: Your Responsibilities as a Cardiff Landlord

Landlords are getting some serious fines for non-compliance of fire safety rules, are you at risk? Click here for more.

Security Systems for Your Cardiff Business: The Best Options Explained

Want the very best security for your business? Call our team for the very best advice.

Fire Risk Assessment : The First Step in Protecting Staff, Visitors and Your Premises

If you are you the "responsible person" for a fire risk assessment in your business read this. Call us today if you need help.

Fire Extinguishers for Your Business

What type of fire extinguishers do you need and what type? Get in touch today for some free advice and ensure you are properly protected.

CCTV Business Security: The Benefits of Installing CCTV

There are many benefits to consider when thinking about CCTV but only one company worth contacted about them, our team are waiting for that call!

How To Prevent A House Fire

Safety first for your home when it comes to fire safety, get in touch for more fire safety tips for your home.

Fire Safety Facts Welsh Employers Can’t Ignore

As a Welsh business you have certain obligation regarding fire safety, are you up to speed with the latest laws? Give us a call or do our free online fire audit check today.

Intruder Alarms Vs CCTV: Which Can Best Protect My Home?

The BIG debate, what's the best way to protect your home, call us today for expert advice.

Burglary - 5 Ways to Protect Your Home Against Burglars

5 ways to protect your home against burglars, for more advice call one our expert team today.

Home Intruder Alarms in Cardiff: Why Choose Twenty4?

Protect your family from only £12.50 a month! call for your home intruder alarm quote.

Access Control Systems: What Are The Benefits For My Business?

The benefits of restricting access to certain areas of your business are obvious but do you need advice on the best products to use? Call us today

Fire Safety : Enforcements and Penalties Explained

Are you aware of the penalties and enforcements open to fire safety breaches? Call our team today to ensure your business is not at risk.

Hot Weather = Increased Fire Risks for Your Business

We can help you protect your business against fire in the heat, call the team today for expert advice.

Outsourcing Your Fire Risk Assessment

Are you the "responsible person"? Let us do the hard work and keep you compliant. Call today to arrange a visit.

Carrying Out an Effective Fire Risk Assessment: 5 Key Steps

Is your fire risk assessment up to date? An annual review is a vital obligation you have under fire safety laws are yours up to date?

Fire Safety Guide for HMO Landlords

Landlords are at high risk of potential fines if properties are not compliant, call our team to today to get your portfolio checked.

Fire Safety Guide for Cardiff Startups

Your guide to fire safety and your responsibilities, get the right advice today and call our expert team.

Running a Care Home: Fire Safety Advice

A fire in a care home is clearly a major problem and so having the right fire safety advice is critical, call our team today to arrange a free consultation.

CCTV for Rented Properties: What are the Benefits?

The benefits of installing CCTV in private rented accommodation are clear, are you a landlord in need of better protection for your property?

Fire Safety Breaches: The Times Landlords Were Caught Out

Fines in excess of £10,000 for landlords are common, are you a landlord and are you sure you are compliant? Call us today for an expert opinion.

How to Prevent Fire Damage in the Workplace

Ensuring business across South Wales are safe from fire, call today to protect yourself from fire.

Security Measures all Car Dealerships Need to Take

Car dealers are a target for would be thieves, speak to our expert security team today to protect your assets.

Sprinklers at Work: FAQs

Water sprinkler systems are becoming more popular, they give people time to get out and often help prevent damage, find out more.

Student B2L: Why It Pays to Invest in Fire Safety

Spending on fire safety for student buy to lets is the smart choice, find out why here.

Business Advice: Fire Safety Tips for Winter

Our fire safety tips aim to keep you safe this winter, want to find out ways you can be more fire safe? Call the team today

Security Advice: How Pub Landlords Can Fight off Theft at Christmas

Don't let the Grinch spoil your pub's Christmas, take our free security advice.

Fire Safety Advice for Takeaway Businesses

With takeaway businesses at high risk of potential fires its even more important to get the right fire safety advice call our team today for that.

Fire Safety Tips for Welsh Schools

Are you a headteacher with too much to do? Let us help take away the stress of your fire safety obligations and keep you compliant. Call us today and get back to doing what you love!

How to React to a Business Burglary

1 in 3 business are effected by securities issues, let us make you one of the ones that aren't, call us today

Coffee Shops and CCTV; The Perfect Security Blend!

CCTV helps staff and customers feel safer and better protected, find out how you could be better protected by calling us today.

FREE Fire Audit Tool for Businesses Launched

Taking only a couple minutes this free fore safety audit will score your business on its fire safety provisions, do it today!

Twenty4 Director Joins Welsh Business Leaders to Share Views on The Election

Election views from Twenty4 directors

Weekly Fire Alarm Testing: FAQs

Key FAQ's about fire alarm testing, do you need help with maintaining your fire alarm? Call our team today

Why Perfecting Your Fire Safety Plan Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Let us help you protect you business with a fire safety plan, call our team today.

Moving into a new office your fire safety checklist

If you are unsure about what your fire safety duties are, contact us today. We can provide a long list of fire and security solutions.

Twenty4 in the Press!

This week, Twenty4 have been in the news, featured in Welsh business publication, Wales 247.

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