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Old reliable, when was the last time you checked yours?

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Are you paying attention to your fire extinguishers?  It is a legal obligation for all businesses to have them and most business owners know they should be serviced but with so much already on your mind are yours getting overlooked?  Despite the obvious benefit of having a properly working fire extinguisher ready at your premises

New homes are a burglars dream

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Protecting against shattered dreams  Imagine you have bought your dream home it’s all shiny and new, the place is still part building site and there is the sight of new roads and freshly laid lawns in every direction, its idyllic but it’s not just you who thinks like that!  It may surprise you to

Visonic Powermax

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What was the latest in wireless alarm systems  Visonic wireless alarm systems released in 2006 were considered to be the game-changer in wireless residential security systems.  Prior to their release wireless alarms were installed by professionals as a last resort. Professional installers would only install systems in cases where wiring an alarm was considered

Who’s responsible for fire risk assessments?

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You may find yourself in a new role or a new company, you may have recently become a landlord of a property. You find yourself asking just who is responsible for a fire risk assessment the answer quite simply is You..... responsibility lays with you for any business or other non-domestic premises if you fall

Home Intruder Alarm Project

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Background - the Inherited alarm was not working  Mrs. Lee had recently bought a property and adopted the previous owner's intruder alarm, however, the codes and operating manual were both missing. With no way of checking if the system worked and unsure what to do, they were in limbo.  She had been recommended to call

When did you last call the police after hearing an alarm?

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Is there any point having a house alarm installed? Everybody ignores them.  I received a telephone call the other day from a gentleman inquiring about having a new home alarm system installed.  He started with the usual questions like how much the system would cost, are they wireless, how long do they take to install

I will probably never come back…REALLY? 

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We had our head in our hands after a fire risk assessment  Recently a client of ours asked for a favour. Now as we all know, favour means they want us to do some work for free and whilst we don't make a habit of this we do lots with this client and were happy

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